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click Certainly exercises the brain.

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Being Logical by McInerny is a quick and easy read. By the way, I really like this blog and the direction it provides.

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So I decided to read Logic Made Easy by Deborah Bennett, since formal logic, even with the assistance of the LR Bible, was definitely a weak point for me on the June test and the book is offering me a "break" of sorts from studying, though it's definitely not as much as a break as an episode of 30 Rock or a stiff vodka tonic might be Nevertheless, I enjoyed it immensely -- and I think my understanding of some really key logical concepts has improved as a result of reading it. I also have to admit that reading this book has given me a new reason why I should like this test, and why I should appreciate--rather than begrudge--the chance to study for it.

But after reading Bennett, I feel like mastering LSAT material and, consequently, getting much better at logical reasoning will, indeed, contribute to my intelligence, or at least intelligence of a certain sort and God knows I've studied my ass off for some tests that haven't come close to doing that! Try it. That is all I ask of you! In other words: To be as smart and funny as Jon Stewart, you have to know logic really well. It can't guarantee that you will be it's no sufficient condition. But hell, if you don't have it, you've got no shot And that's good enough for me.

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The studies are also used to explain common mistakes, which I think helps the reader A understand the entire concept better, and B avoid making similar mistakes in the future. Bottom line: I highly recommend this bad boy. It will bring your LSAT studying back to the "real world", and it will help improve your score. I found your blog on a Google search, and it is, by far, the most helpful one out there. I have been following your suggested schedule and reading the books you recommended, and I can really see progress. Thank you for your guidance! Steve, thanks for the list.

I am currently going through Logic Made Easy by Mrs. There is a lot of theoritcal stuff the 64 moods of syllogisms, for example that are not really relevant for thE LSAT. I am skipping some of that material, and trying to skim over for the distilled principles, while going through the examples in detail. Any advice?

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Saim- I am reading the same book and experiencing the same situation. While interesting, I need to make good use of the time that I do have. The historical and theory are interesting, in my unprofessional and inexperienced opinion, will not help me on the LSAT. I am also curious to see what Steve has to say. I agree that many parts of Logic Made Easy are not relevant. However, many parts of it are.

As I suggested in my review of it in the blog post above , feel free to skip over the areas of it that aren't relevant. If you're pressed for time but want a general logic text, read A Rulebook for Arguments instead. I've recently added to the blog post above. I have found your site to be very helpful, especially your list of recommended books. I am looking forward to becoming very familiar with your blog. Although I don't have many questions or suggestions now, I am sure I will in the future.

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Thank you. Any idea where I could purchase preptest 61 and preptest 62? I ordered a bunch of preptests off of Amazon but couldn't find these! Not released yet because they are the October and December exams. Whoever sells those this early will go to prison :. Ah can't say I'm upset about two less tests to do : BTW can't thank you enough for your 3 month study schedule. Everyone asks me if I'm freaking out about all the studying and I just say no, I've got a schedule to work from! If not, what did you think? Photo by Neil Tackaberry.

Regurgitation stands as a hefty, arguably outsized pillar of our educational system. From first grade through undergrad, schools train us to regurgitate. College move-in day welcomed a child, but that four-year sojourn forged a seasoned flashcard wizard equipped to conquer the tallest of decks. The confidence this process fostered in you remained until you cracked open your LSAT prep book—then all of a sudden, poof! The magic was lost. The test cares not for memorization. Instead, it insists students possess thoroughly proficient reasoning.

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Similarly, memorization for law school exams is often necessary, but nowhere near sufficient. An ability to spit back doctrinal elements is futile if coupled with a misunderstanding of how and when to apply those elements. As the LSAT divorced you from deep-rooted study habits, it primed you for learning how to learn. There are advantages to working in groups.

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