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To the west lay the inexhaustible Pacific, booming its solemn praise; in the distance, a tiny white sailing boat, and the lonely flight of a seagull. Many happy months sped by; in the peace of perfect beauty I was able to complete at the hermitage a long-projected work, Cosmic Chants. I set to English words and Western musical notation about forty songs, some original, others my adaptations of ancient melodies.

For a preface to the songbook I recounted my first outstanding experience with the receptivity of Westerners to the quaintly devotional airs of the East. The occasion had been a public lecture; the time, April 18, ; the place, Carnegie Hall in New York. What a shame if the lecture were to be marred by a commentary of overripe tomatoes! I had laughingly disagreed. Americans will not fail to feel the soul-aspiration in this lofty chant. During the lecture Mr. Hunsicker had sat behind me on the platform, probably fearing for my safety. Blas no longer, dear New Yorkers; your hearts had soared out in a simple paean of rejoicing!

The secluded life of a literary minstrel was not my role for long. Soon I was dividing every fortnight between Los Angeles and Encinitas.

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Enlarge My Coast: My India Song [Barry Blackstone] on ydizycygys.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Enlarge My Coast tells of Pastor Blackstone's return . My India Song Barry Blackstone. My Coast My India Song BARRY BLACKSTONE Enlarge My Coast Enlarge My Coast My India Song BARRY. Enlarge I Front.

Sunday services, classes, lectures before clubs and colleges, interviews with students, ceaseless streams of correspondence, articles for East-West, direction of activities in India and numerous small centers in American cities. Much time was given, also, to the arrangement of Kriya and other Self-Realization Fellowship teachings into a series of studies for the distant yoga seekers whose zeal recognized no limitation of space.

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I had summoned him in to assume leadership of the Washington Self-Realization Fellowship center. Premananda accompanied me from Washington for a brief visit to the Self-Realization Fellowship center in Boston.

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What joy to see again the Kriya Yoga band who had remained steadfast since ! The Boston leader, Dr. Lewis, lodged my companion and myself in a modern, artistically decorated suite. I wanted you to know that Boston possesses some luxurious apartments! The shadows of approaching carnage were lengthening over the world; already the acute ear might hear the frightful drums of war. During interviews with thousands in California, and through a world-wide correspondence, I found that men and women were deeply searching their hearts; the tragic outer insecurity had emphasized need for the Eternal Anchorage.

In the last few weeks during the meetings we have heard air-raid warnings and listened to the explosion of delayed-action bombs, but our students still gather and thoroughly enjoy our beautiful service. Another letter reached me from war-torn England just before America entered the conflict.

In nobly pathetic words, Dr. Beauty, order, calm, and peace come to me from Los Angeles, sailing into port as a vessel laden with the blessings and comfort of the Holy Grail to a beleaguered city. It is the world of my own vision, in the making of which I hoped to bear my little part, and now. But it is something and more, to have had the vision and know that in the midst of war there is still a peace that abides in your harbors and among your hills. Greetings to all the Fellowship from a common soldier, written on the watchtower waiting for the dawn. The war years brought a spiritual awakening among men whose diversions had never before included a study of the New Testament.

One sweet distillment from the bitter herbs of war! To satisfy a growing need, an inspiring little Self-Realization Church of All Religions was built and dedicated in at Hollywood. The church, finished in blue, white, and gold, is reflected amidst the water hyacinths in a large pool. The gardens are gay with flowers, a few startled stone deer, a stained-glass pergola, and a quaint wishing well.

Thrown in with the pennies and the kaleidoscopic wishes of man has been many a pure aspiration for the sole treasure of Spirit! Francis, and a beautiful mother-of-pearl reproduction of Christ at the Last Supper. A quiet hilltop temple, it stands in a sloping valley of eucalypti, overlooking sparkling San Diego Bay.

Sitting one evening in this tranquil haven, I was pouring out my heart in song. Under my fingers was the sweet-toned organ of the church, on my lips the yearning plaint of an ancient Bengali devotee who had searched for eternal solace:. In this world, Mother, none can love me; In this world they do not know love divine. Where is there pure loving love? Where is there truly loving Thee? There my heart longs to be. My companion in the chapel, Dr. Lloyd Kennell, the San Diego center leader, was smiling a little at the words of the song.

What about the disillusionments, the heartaches, the center leaders who could not lead, the students who could not be taught? He has remembered now and then to put a burden on me! It has been worth-while; it has been a constant inspiration, more than ever I dreamed, to see West and East brought closer in the only lasting bond, the spiritual!

The grinding wheel of Time doth mar Full many a life of moon and star And many a brightly smiling morn But still my soul is marching on! Lewis, on a visit from Boston, smiled at me pleadingly from outside my window. Soon we were strolling in the sunshine. My companion pointed to new towers in process of construction along the edge of the Fellowship property adjoining the coast highway.

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Lewis comes twice annually from Boston to Encinitas. In these beautiful surroundings I have started a miniature world colony. Brotherhood is an ideal better understood by example than precept! Lightfoot is the total package: she can write a hooky tune, rip through a blistering guitar solo and sing the hell out of any song she likes. Woods leaves you as wistful as ever on "All Mine," his lone single. The first track on Boogat's new album is a joyous love song to his wife and kids, who moved with the singer to Mexico for a year to explore their roots and make San Cristobal Baile Inn.

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The hooky guitar lick and urgent percussion propel the tune as Boogat emphatically lists the hardships they overcame while declaring, "You know very well that I love you New Brunswick rockers Partner make the kind of throwback pop-punk that soundtracked endless millennial teen memories back in the early s. They've been described as "part musical act, part teenage diary, and per cent queer," and their debut album, In Search of Lost Time , was easily one of the best releases of the year. With every passing year things seem to get speedier and more complex, and in the process, pared-down simplicity becomes all the more potent and powerful.

This single showcases her true-to-country sound and emotional connection to the genre. The Saskatchewan country music singer released her country pop single in February and by May, it had reached No. There are no surprises here, as Moskaluke's vocals are enchanting. Kingston rockers the Glorious Sons took a little time to themselves after a slew of top 10 radio singles, more than live shows in Canada alone, and a Juno nod to boot. Lead singer Brett Emmons wanted to reflect on all that sudden attention, and penned a song about feeling isolated — and hungover.

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The Calgary-born, Nashville-based singer-songwriter's powerful voice and guitar skills really shine on this track. Whitehorse added fuel to fire on its release, Panther in the Dollhouse , delving into sexual politics. The first single, "Boys Like You," was an indictment of troll culture delivered over a scorching Radiohead-esque rock vibe that burned up the radio. Related: Whitehorse First Play Live full session. Allan Rayman has earned the monicker of the most mysterious man making music in Canada. This extraordinary song from Dutcher's forthcoming debut is unlike anything you've ever heard before.

It combines the Toronto-based composer and singer's Wolastoq First Nation roots with beats from electronic producer BUFFLO, and a piano arrangement that races, soars and thumps through classical, jazz and pop landscapes. Late was a different story, as Jesse F. Keeler denied accusations of ties to far-right political groups. Feverish, hit-you-in-the-chest drumming is at the heart of most Rural Alberta Advantage songs, and this new track that the band dropped in January thrives on its trademark rhythm. For his Polaris shortlisted record, Twin Solitude, Leif Vollebekk changed his own rules: he let songs come to him, writing many of the tracks on this record in just one sitting.

The result is a beautiful, lonely, lingering record that breaks but also warms your heart. Not content to put out guest verses on albums from some of the biggest artists in the industry — including Drake, Major Lazer, Calvin Harris and Zayn — the "Work" co-writer Jahron Brathwaite, a.

PartyNextDoor, also proved he's perfectly comfortable front and centre. His seven-song EP, Seven Days, was made in just, yes, seven days, showing that when you're this hot, even time is on your side. This was the first new music from Toronto's Rhye, a. This song from the Toronto duo of Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 is so smooth, the two can drop an Isaac Hayes samples right in the middle and it fits seamlessly. The Montreal band that has been making music together for 17 years is a Canadian legend.

These days, Stars are burning as brightly as ever, as proven on their most recent and eighth record, There is No Love in Fluorescent Light. Lead single "Privilege" showcases Amy Millan's perennially gorgeous vocals against a soaring backdrop of guitars and synths — now hallmarks of Stars' unforgettable sound. Calgary's Jocelyn Alice is no stranger to the Canadian charts: her single, "Jackpot," became a platinum-certified hit here at home, and scored massive streaming numbers in the States. Only her third-ever solo single, "Bound to You" is slick, soulful and seriously catchy — and will undoubtedly stick around on your radio dial well into the new year.

Anyone who hears the voice of Tamara Lindeman, a. Joni Mitchell comparisons are natural, but the Weather Station stands on her own with a distinct point of view and modern folk sound. Multi-platinum, award-winning group Hedley released the highly anticipated first single to its album in the summer , reaching nearly one million views on YouTube. Although the year is almost over, this summer hit is bound to be blaring through speakers nationwide with its catchy lyrics and beat. Fiercely political but also hugely celebratory: this is the most epic song JB the First Lady's ever released, and it feels particularly powerful in the landscape of From the beat to the lyrics, this track is all about the strength, resilience and spirit of Indigenous women.

Almost any song off of Downie's posthumous farewell solo album, Introduce Yerself, could have found a place on this chart, but what makes "Wolf's Home" stand out is the rawness of Downie's upper register howl delivering this line: "I've gotten more than most and yet Clairmont the Second is proving to be one of the most consistent, yet underrated, MCs coming out of Toronto. It turns anxiety into action, and demands movement in a time where it can be tempting to stand still. Vancouver-based band the Washboard Union won roots artist of the year at this year's CCMA Awards, and its single "Shine" certainly drew in droves of new fans.

The song is a refreshing, upbeat, positive track that really showcases the band's folk roots. This collaboration between two generations of groundbreaking Indigenous artists thunders and pulses with vitality and life. It's a vivid and rousing activist anthem that takes its titular inspiration seriously with heart-pounding, powerful results. Jenn Grant sounds dreamier than ever on "Paradise," the sweeping title track from her album.

And it's no surprise: Grant herself told CBC Music that much of the inspiration for the record was drawn from her own vivid dreams. Hearing Grant's gorgeous voice float over synths and slow beats on "Paradise" will make you wish it could soundtrack your own sleepy explorations of the subconscious.

The combination of thoughtful, introspective rapping with soulful, catchy beats has helped B. C-based rapper SonReal not only rack up huge numbers on YouTube and Vevo while hitting the top of the charts in Canada, but also build a big audience outside his home country's borders.

The Barr Brothers returned this year with the critically acclaimed record Queens of the Breakers. This first single came right out of the gate with guitar licks and a driving beat that grabbed your attention and earned the top spot on the Radio 2 Top 20 for several weeks. Released on the eve of the U.

Ralph has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the pop sphere. Serena Ryder's high-energy track, off of her May album, Utopia, was one of the biggest songs of the summer. Ryder's soulful voice bounces over this funky, almost psychedelic, beat. East Coast ex-pats Alvvays returned in September with their highly anticipated sophomore album, packed with even more dreamy hooks than the band's self-titled debut.

Lead single "In Undertow" sweeps you off your feet in a wave of shimmering guitars that quickly make you forget you're listening to a break-up song. Related: Molly Rankin on becoming 'a hermit' to write Alvvays' new album. One of the best country singles of , this song will be stuck in your head all day with its infectious, rocking chorus.