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You can't force a democracy on people.

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You can't bomb their children, their schools, and their homes, and kill them, and then tell them you have liberated them. Under Saddam, yes, there was mass murdering and executions by the dictator, but at least there was no anarchy. Iraq is at the brink of civil war now. All dictators are eventually removed by the people.

The Iranians removed the oppressive shah in , for example. Democracy is not something you can paint and say, ah look, democracy!! Democracy is a gradual movement that comes a long from the people. The people have to choose when the time is right for democracy, not some foreign country. If you tell an Iraqi right now you have bought them democracy, they will laugh in your face. America has not brought Iraq freedom nor democracy. It has brought destruction, chaos, hundreds of thousands of deaths, orphans, widows, tears, rapes, kidnappings, and civil strife, upon the people of Iraq while trying to feed them the lie that this is actually democracy.

People should have the right when and how to do democracy. The reason the Iranian revolution was successful was because everyone united against the leader.

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It was fueled by their own desire to be rid of him. This is also a place where you can start the discussion so please keep your comments coming.

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We highlight not only current news stories but also anecdotes and issues that don't always make the top of the headlines. Read more about CNN's special reports policy. For more information on ear pinning surgery , contact Dr. For a Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery consultation, contact Perkins has many satisfied clients who have generously provided testimonials for all to read — and most recently have provided video testimonials too: To book a Santa Barbara cosmetic surgery consultation with Dr.

Terry Perkins , call Perkins has helped many people look their best and prides himself in performing cosmetic surgeries that gives the patient a rejuvenated, non-operated result. Perkins specializes in aesthetic facial plastic surgery — cheek, neck and forehead rejuvenation — nasal correction , liposuction fat removal, skin resurfacing and minimally invasive facelifts.

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Jul/Aug , Vol 12, No. 4, Pages | Asian Facial Plastic Surgery. Editorial Highlights of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery. Nov/Dec , Vol 12, No. Highlights of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery in: Microbiologic Assessment of Multidose Restylane for Facial Augmentation.

Call his office at It is cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Perkins , whose expertise allow him to perform face lift surgeries that look natural, that celebrities seek out to keep all of us wondering. Demi knows good skincare and most likely, a good cosmetic surgeon. Perkins has perfected with his own patients through facial cosmetic surgery or through non-operated procedures such as Dr.

The Fox News article speculates that Demi underwent eyelid surgery , perhaps an eyelid lift in order to revive her look. Cosmetic Surgery Center Santa Barbara offers eyelid lift procedures that result in a re-energized, more youthful look. Perkins treats each patient on a case-by-case basis.

He goes more in depth about various eyelid surgeries in a past blog post. Take a hint from Demi. Learn more about enhancing your natural beauty with one of Dr. Perkins rejuvenating face lifts , eye lifts , or even a non-invasive procedure, such as The Layered Liquid Lift.

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Call Cosmetic Surgery Center today to book a consultation for a face lift , eye lift or to explore other facial rejuvenation options with Dr. Perkins at Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins, a Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon who has been practicing plastic surgery for over 30 years, understands this concept all too well and prides himself in performing facial surgeries that give the patient a well-rested, non-operated, rejuvenated appearance. Perkins combines his years of patient experience and expertise in cosmetic surgery to assess each patient on a case by case basis.

He addresses each patient individually and customizes a face lift surgery to meet their needs and match their facial structure.

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Perkins also performs facial rejuvenation surgery that may only address a specific part of the face such as an eyelid lift , brow lift or chin lift for those who do not want, or do not need, a full face lift. Perkins also offers non-surgical alternatives, such as the Layered Liquid Lift or Total Tightening procedures that take years off the face and are non-surgical procedures.

ENT/Otolaryngology Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Mount Sinai

Along the lines of natural-looking cosmetic surgery, Dr. Natural breast augmentation can up the cup size by one, depending on the amount of fat retrieved from liposuction. Natural breast augmentation gives the patient a boost, without the use of implants.

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April 18th, am ET So miriam, war against Iran- Supported by the US gassing of kurds and shia's: known and ignored by the US invasion of kuwait: Saddam told America he was going to invade Kuwait, and it did not object when he told them. I probably will not. April 17th, am ET Miriam you are either ill informed or twisting facts as usual. May we leave a message? From the Archives. Create a free personal account to download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts, and more. Not only has my breathing dramatically improved, I am sleeping better than ever.

Schedule a consultation for a cosmetic surgery with natural results by Dr. Terry Perkins today! D Internal Medicine. Robert Kearney M. Cometic Surgery.

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