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The current leader Ratha has learned to mix strong leadership's will with attitude to listen the opinions of the other Clan members. Clan leaders behave no differently from the other Named during the mating season: this is specially true for Ratha the first known female leader , that is courted and mated by an unknown herder or firekeeper of the Clan during the mating season occurred in Clan Ground even if no litter was produced.

The introduction of the treeling into the Clan life, provided an useful help.

At first they appeared to be useful just for pelt-grooming and eating ticks and fleas, but new discoveries were made. Because of their opposable thumbs, the treelings are able to rally better the sticks of wood and to make nodes but also introduced the species as true semi-domesticated pets for the Named. The introduction of the treeling also provided the discovery of the usefulness of creating nets and rudimentary harness to allow the Named to carry stuff on their sides or on dapplebacks's sides. Treelings are known to provide not just useful material help both with making knots, carrying sticks and pelt-grooming but to fulfill an important psychological value: Named ones become attached to their treelings and losing it can cause great upset.

From the book Clan Ground , the Named started to develop the concept of religion, with the Firekeeper especially found to the idea of worship the Red Tongue. This cult at first grow without restrain and was exploited by Shongshar as tool to gain power. The beginning of a sport play has been explored in Ratha's Courage : young herders has been known to make attempts to ride dapplebacks, mostly for the thrill of the play.

With the introduction of the treeling, protections of leather can be knotted to the sides of the dapplebacks, allowing the rider better stability and reducing the risk of claw's wounds to the beast. Rules of the riding games are simple: the first rider to fall on ground, loses. After a first match between Ashon and Mishanti using the new protections, has been decided to adds as rule that falling against a tree or high bushes doesn't count as being "safe" because the rider has not materially touched the ground.

Matches can ends with draw as happened for a second match between Ashron and Mishanti during a display for the Tribe of Hunters.

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The Named are said to practice the burial of the deceased underground. They express deep mourning for the losses of their Clan mates: feelings of sadness has been expressed multiple times also toward Un-Named ones or Hunters. The origin of the Clan are mysterious and it's only in Ratha's Courage that are revealed. Thakur learned the secrets of the past from his mother and revealed them to the Clan: long time before the Baire's leadership the Named were still sentient but more violent.

There used to be many Old Clans with young males exiled each season: these males rallied in groups and fought battles to conquer a Clan.

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Once the Clan was conquered, the older males were killed or exiled and the cubs were murdered in order to not waste the energy of the mothers in raising the previous litters and allow the newcomer to mate and sire their own progeny. The sudden arrival of the Un-Named previously unknown to the Named , caused great losses of lives and the Clans unified. In front of danger and losses, the old rules were abandoned and mating seasons turned less violent, allowing the Named to develop feelings of friendships, sympathy and love.

In unspecified time the Clan started to develop herding skills rather than hunting for food. At first the Clan captured and herded only dapplebacks horses.

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It was under the rule of Baire a wise leader that due Baire's discover, the Clan managed to herd a new species: the three-horns deers. The leadership of Meoran is strict and oppressive. He managed to protect the Clan from the Un-Named raids but seasons after seasons the attacks turned more bloody. Meoran proved to be a misogynist, forbidding the new young females to became herders. During this period the young herder Ratha discovered the Fire and learned to tame it, calling it the Red Tongue.

States are asking for more networking in the fight against Clans

However Meoran wasn't ready to accept a new discovery and he exiled Ratha. Such decision proved a terrible mistake and the Un-Named organized a massive attack during winter exterminating most of the Named and conquering their lairs. Only a small group of Named survived, yet Meoran proved to be once again close to accept Ratha and her discover: a battle for the future of the Clan lead the downfall and death of Meoran and the rising of Ratha as the new leader.

In Clan Ground, the Named are shown to have established an organized system to take care of the fire. Selected ones, known as Firebringers, doesn't herd the animals but tends the fire to protect the territory and the herds, fight off enemies and predators, etc Fessran has been appointed as leader of the Firebringers. For the first known time, the Named Clan accept a sentient Un-Named that exposed his will to accept the laws of the Clan, this stranger is renamed Shongshar. During the mating season, Cherfan make an additional discovery for the Clan, befriend the first treeling and bringing her to the Named.

Because of the decision of Ratha to exile the cubs sired by Shongshar due their believed lack of will , a conflict erupt into the Clan.

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Shongshar becomes a Firebringer, and after his growing influence over Fessran, he manage to create a status of dissent. Income will come to the location of the image according to the drugs trade, Shisha Bars, betting shops and the car trade, but also from the fraud of key services, as well as the social power mesh around with the wrong police officer, and scammers Scam.

Reul had presented in mid-may the first picture of the situation to the Clan-crime in NRW — with alarming results. Accordingly, the police located in NRW criminal Clans.

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Alone in the years to , approximately Suspect from the scene for more than 14 criminal offences had been responsible. Their stronghold in North Rhine-Westphalia is to eat. Every fifth Crime is the basis of the findings, according to the account of the two Clans.

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A Central component of the concept is the interagency cooperation between different authorities: police, prosecutors, tax police, trade Inspectorate, the Jobcenter is. This includes the rigorous prosecution of smaller violations and the confiscation of the wealth comes from. Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia put on raids and a consistent Zero-tolerance line in the so-called minor crimes. This includes an improved exchange of information between the police stations and land offices of criminal investigation across countries.

Also in lower Saxony, the ever-growing crime of family clans of the police to create. Since March , the police is implementing a concept of the crackdown.

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In the picture of the situation of Organised crime in lower Saxony, the Clan-crime, is presented in a separate Chapter. Home Entertainment States are asking for more networking in the fight against Clans. Share on Facebook. Everyone else at Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Man chooses in two hours, nearly 90 Times the emergency call, police collected his cell phone.

In spite of bee venom Allergy: a policeman takes care of 60, bees on the roofs of Cologne. Swarm of bees attacks strollers — a Year-old in danger of their lives. Wrong, but nice: Amateur saxophonist excited about two dozen cows, with an Open-Air concert. Sticky Bandit should have at least 28 kilos of coins from the victim sticks stolen.