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Police Man Small by Lois Lenski. Police Officers on Patrol by Kersten Hamilton.

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Police: Hurrying! Police Vehicles A coloring book by Cristie Will. Before we did the fingerprints, we talked about God giving us something special and unique to each one of us — a fingerprint. We talked about how no one else in the whole world has fingers like each of us have. And He can identify us by our fingerprints.

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We talked about how we leave fingerprints every where we go. And then we took out our magnifying glasses to look really close at our fingerprints. We talked about how Police Men use fingerprinting to find bad guys because every person has unique fingerprints.

As I did with our Post Man unit, I created a simple dress up pretend play for the girls. I included the blue shirts we used for the Post Man unit, but switched out the name tag for a police badge.

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  6. Police Officer Community Helper Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities.
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I printed them out and laminated them. Then I safety-pinned the badge to the sleeves of the blue shirts we have. The girls got in on the fun by coloring their own police men hats. We also made some STOP signs so the girls could pretend to be traffic cops.

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I printed out the story and the sight words and created a fun sight word hunt with our rainbow rice in our sensory bin. This gave the girls the chance to use their magnifying glasses again a favorite thing for sure! We took the opportunity during our Police Men unit to talk with the girls about what they should do if they get lost while we are out in public. We did a simple but FUN activity to teach the girls the 3 pieces of information they should know so that if they get lost, we can easily find them again with the help of a police officer.

To find out more about our activity and get a simple printable to share with your preschooler what to do if they get lost, click here.

Police Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

I love for the girls to have a sensory activity to play with as part of our preschool. He would start with the ones he could figure out easily with the beginning letter sound and work his way through them. We colored cream cheese frosting the three colors of a stoplight. The kids spread the frosting onto three vanilla wafer cookies and used a dab of frosting to stick them to a graham cracker.


That was just a quick look at our week and the many things we talked about and did together. The Police Learning Printables include two separate downloads, one geared toward Preschoolers and another for Kindergarten. Share what you are doing with your kids! Please link your exact blog post to the Mr.

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Choose one child to be the Police Officer. Help the animals line up in order. Ask parents if they or someone they know is a policeman, fireman, ambulance technician, security guard, doctor, nurse, etc. Total: They did the rest, adding block bridges, stop signs, and more! Role play: Uniforms and hats which represent the professions related to emergency services.

The updated guidelines can be found here if you need them. You have such wonderful themes and printables, Jolanthe!

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Thanks so much for all you share! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. There is no doubt that it is very important that we acquaint our children with this very important community helper because our children will learn about safety, and who to call or ask for help in an emergency. The ability of our children to know how to communicate with and trust a police officer is critical and can save their lives and those of others.

Visit the Community Club Scholastic and introduce early readers to the job of a police officer using simple sentences read aloud.

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It has 20 pages and you may want to review and use as a base for lesson planning.