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My requested forest howler name Forest Guardian made by NeverendingSilverstorm. Curly nadder named curly spikes by AndreaEaston. Sand without her skin by SilverNight. Speedy Power by The Blobfish Queen. Species of griffin:common griffin Backstory: she was forced to work in an army and was always wanting to stop the fighting since she cares about others. Backstory:Flutter Beauty has had a pretty bad life since her mother and father were never home and she always had to hide in their home one day she decided to leave her home and explore.

She realized while exploring is that the outside of her home is not as scary as she thought she even made friends with five other finger griffins and showed her talents of singing to every finger griffin. Since then she decided to show everybody that the world is not as scary as they think. Backstory:snow fluff has always liked exploring and seeing new places, since she left her mother last month she could now explore the world. One day while exploring she got in trouble when a hunter tried to capture and sell her luckily she escaped before the hunter could capture her, she then realized there may be more griffins and other animals that are captured so she decided to save them from the hunters.

Backstory: Snow Fall was found injured on a mountain by a chincilla songbird griffin named Snow Fluff and a common griffin named Dark Storm, they both carried her to a cave near by and started treating her injuries. Snow Fall wakes up seeing both of the griffins. They both asked her what happened and she told them a human attacked her while she was exploring and both Snow Fluff and Dark Storm were Shocked to hear this. Since then she Felt Safe with her new friends.

Species of Griffin:Barn Griffin Backstory: moon lover is one of those who likes seeing and learning new things but she can be reckless at times. One day she has gotten into a fight with a bear and gotten herself hurt but she was able to move so she went to find some plants to help heal her injuries. She found the plants she needed and started taking care of her injuries. Once her injuries healed she decided to never be reckless or get into a fight again and she decided to be a healer that helps every griffin and animal with their injuries.

One day she broke that rule and ran to the beach that was close to the rainforest her family lived in. When she saw the beach she actually loved it and played there for a few hours. When her parents found her, she begged them to let her see the world and they finally agreed to let her go as along as she doesn't get hurt by hunters or by any wild animals and she comes and visits her parents every once in a while, she agreed and she took off into the sunset.

My oc normal male umbreon named dark and my female shiny umbreon named dark angel made by ImDerpySheylaYT. Blight and bright in their heartful commune form base by MegaTati69 colored changed with the fairies by me. Blight and bright in their card commune form base by MegaTati69 colored changed with the fairies by me. My OC Kayla in her wolf form made by me. Crystal's and Marcus's fusion loader V2 made by me. My OC digimon named Stormingdragmon made by me. My second OC digimon named nighthowlermon made by me. A fusion called powerful stormingdragmon made by me.

A bio-merge fusion called Ultimate powerful stormingdragmon made by me. Viking Name: Warmetalgarurumon. Personality:brave, strong, smart and sometimes afriad. Clan: member of the light fury racers. Dragon Count:over Dragons. Main Dragons: Tripe Stinger triple stryke Toothless alpha night fury light fury. Tiny titan terrible terrior Lightning titan skrill Stone Gaurdian elder sentinal Stone Gaurd sentinal. Favorite Class: strike class. Home Land:Berserker Island. Viking name: Delphox Alpha.

Age not my real age it's an role playing age. Personality: not very smart, confident in self, stubborn and weak. Clan: Leader of winter fire dragons. Favorite Class:boulder class. Their bodies are really cold But they would not freeze the person or dragon they like but their enemies would get frozen. Their diet is normally ice or Snow but sometimes they Even eat Fish. Glacier island sometimes icestorm island. Attack power Sunlight is a very bright and warm dragon. They Could burn things like rocks and Any thing that they touch.

They dont burn people or dragons that they like. They are usually very peaceful and nice dragons but when threatened their very dangerous and mean that they will burn the oppenent. Class:stoker class. Telling genders:. Looks good Nightflowers. I remember seeing the Snow Strikes before but the Sunlight is new, I like it! My middle name is Joy and I couldn't be happier about that; I love to laugh and to make others laugh! The Art Nook. Special thanks to all the talented artists out there. You worked so hard, created such amazing creatures and I am amazed by and so very grateful to you all! Art and species by Zikta.

I still love these dragons! Thank you so much for sharing these with us and for all your hard work. I love every one of these guys! The Galactic wyvern. What you need to know about me I like my roleplays because I gain good friends and family and I let people use their OCs and canon characters how they wish and love to see the stories we all come up with over time and how close everyone can become and let their imaginations run wild. The Core and the fury RP. Bendy and Friends free rp. I love the Inoraptooorr!!

Toothless httyd3. Let's race these black walls unscathed searching every corner we may fall but we have each other to look out for one another all the same. We have trials and tests to face, but we'll pass them.. Bubbles and Blitzy. Bendy, done by the talented Madoka :D. Dal by Kasanelover. Skip to Main Content Area. Log in or Create an Account. Warmetalgarurumon's book of dragons Login or register to post comments 7 replies [ Last post ].

Login or register to post comments. Snow strikes Info: The Snow. Wand of Cold 5. Wand of Lightning Bolts 5. Wand of Paralysis 5. Wand of the War Mage 5. Amulet of Protection From Good 4. Book of Infinite Spells 4. Boots of Dancing 4. Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals 4. Broom of Flying 4. Candle of Truth 4. Cloak of Charisma 4. Cloak of the Bat 4. Daern's Instant Fortress 4. Defender 4. Dust of Apperance 4. Dust of Dryness 4.

Dust of Sneezing and Choking 4. Efficient Quiver 4. Elven Chain Mail 4. Eye of Vecna 4. Eyes of Minute Seeing 4. Eyes of the Eagle 4. Flaming Weapon 4. Flask of Curses 4. Giant Slayer 4. Gloves of Dexterity 4. Golembane Scarab 4. Helm of Alignment Change 4. Iron Flask 4. Lens of Detection 4. Mace of Disruption 4. Magic Weapon 4. Mirror of Opposition 4. Murlynd's Spoon 4. Net of Entrapment 4. Oil of Slipperiness 4. Periapt of Wisdom 4.

Potion of Invisibility 4. Quiver of Ehlonna 4. Ring of Air Elemental Command 4. Ring of Chameleon Power 4. Ring of Climbing 4. Ring of Cold Resistance 4. Ring of Memory 4. Ring of Minor Fire Resistance 4. Ring of Myrkul 4. Ring of Weakness 4. Robe of Stars 4. Rod of Absorption 4.

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Coin of Favour 1. Did I mention that the writing quality is bad, like atrociously bad with -ly adverbs thrown in before practically every single verb, horrible grammar, and a plot so full of holes that it sinks to the bottom of the quality barrel? I trained picking pockets and now I want to rob the judge but it does not work. In their efforts to retrieve the seven magic stones needed to help the dragon, they meet evil beings they have to defeat. Coragon gives you again his special beer, Hannah gives you the key to the treasure island and Thorben will trust you after you brought him the book, if he did not already before.

Rod of Wonder 4. Shield of Missile Attraction 4. Sihedron Medallion 4. Sovereign Glue 4. Staff of the Adder 4. Staff of the Serpent 4. Stone of Good Luck 4. Sword of Dancing 4. Sword of Life Stealing 4. Trident of fish command 4. Vial of Holy Water 4. Wand of Darkness 4. Wand of Fire 4. Wand of Illumination 4. Wand of Light 4. Wand of Secret Door and Trap Location 4. Winged Boots 4. Alchemist's Fire 3. Amulet of Inescapable Location 3.

Warmetalgarurumon's book of dragons

Amulet of Mighty Fists 3. Armor of Vulnerablility 3. Belt of Dwarvenkind 3. Book of Extended Summoning 3. Bottle of Air 3. Cloak of Invisibility 3. Cloak of Poisonousness 3. Cloak of Shadows 3. Cube of Force 3. Cursed Ring 3. Demon Staff 3. Displacer Cloak 3. Elixir of Truth 3. Eversmoking Bottle 3. Eyes of Charming 3. Figure of Wondrous Power 3. Figurine of Wondrous Power Silver Raven 3. Fire Elemental Gem 3. Gauntlets of Dexterity 3. Glamoured Studded Leather 3. Greater Hat of Disguise 3. Hammer of Thunderbolts 3. Headband of Alluring Charisma 3. Helm of teleportation 3. Holy Symbol of Ravenkind 3.

Horseshoes of Speed 3. Iron Horn of Valhalla 3. Javelin of Piercing 3. Lantern of Revealing 3. Luck Blade 3. Mace of Smiting 3. Manual of Quickness in Action 3. Manual of Quickness of Action 3. Mariner's Armor 3. Masterwork Weaponry 3. Pendant of Many Tongues 3.

The earth mysteries website of Peter Knight

Periapt of Proof Against Poison 3. Periapt of foul rotting 3. Poisonous Cloak 3. Potion of Levitation 3. Prayer Beads 3. Ring of 3 Wishes 3. Ring of Animal Friendship 3. Ring of Blinking 3. Ring of Clumsiness 3. Robe of Blending 3. Robe of Useful Items 3. Rod of Beguiling 3. Rod of the Pact Keeper 3. Rope of constriction 3. Rug of Smothering 3. Staff of Commanding 3. Staff of Defense 3. Staff of Storms 3. Staff of Thunder and Lightning 3.

Staff of the Magi 3. Staff of the Python 3. Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals 3. Sustaining Spoon 3. Sword of Vengance 3. Tentacle Rod 3. The Rod of Seven Parts 3. The Sword of the Dales 3. Tome of Leadership and Influence 3. Tome of Strahd 3. Vacuous Grimoire 3. Wand of Acid Arrow 3. Wand of Cure Light Wounds 3.

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Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds 3. Wand of Illusion 3. Wand of Illusions 3. Wand of Metal and Mineral Detection 3. Wand of Viscid Globs 3. Wind Fan 3. Wings of Flying 3. Acid Weapon 2. Adamantine Weapon 2. Amulet of Dark Blessing 2. Amulet of Protection 2. Amulet of Protection From Turning 2. Amulet of Weapon Deflection 2. Apparatus of Kwalish 2.

Armor of Vulnerability 2. Arrow of Sleep 2. Assassin's Dagger 2. Axe of Wounding 2. Axe of the Dwarvish Lords 2. Azuredge 2. Badge of the Watch 2. Balance of Harmony 2. Balloon Pack 2. Bastard Sword of Wounding 2. Beaker of Plentiful Potions 2. Belt of Physical Might 2. Belt of Protection 2. Blackrazor 2. Blackstaff 2. Blades of Corusk 2. Blast Scepter 2. Blood Blade 2. Boots of Teleportation 2.

Box of Holding 2. Bracer of Flying Daggers 2. Bracers of Health 2. Brazier of Sleep Smoke 2. Broom of Animated Attack 2. Cap of Water Breathing 2. Casimir's Knife 2. Cauldron of Brewing 2. Censer of Controlling Air Elementals 2. Chain Mail of Electricity 2. Crossbow of Accuracy 2. Crossbow of Speed 2. Crystal Ball of Hypnosis 2. Crystal Ball with Clairaudience 2.

Crystal ball of Clairvoyance 2. Cursed Backbiter Spear 2. Cursed Berserking Sword 2. Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga 2. Death Lance 2. Demonomicon of Iggwilv 2. Dragonstaff of Ahghairon 2. Earring of Protection 2. Elixir of Love 2. Elixir of Vision 2. Elixir of Youth 2. Elven Plate Mail 2. Executioners Hood 2. Feather Token Anchor 2. Feather Token Bird 2. Feather of Diatryma Summoning 2.

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Figurine of Wondrous Power Golden Lions 2. Flying Carpet 2. Gargoyle Cloak 2. Gauntlets of Fumbling 2. Gem of Insight 2. Gem of True Seeing 2.

Girdle of Hill Giant Strength 2. Gloves of Swimming and Climbing 2. Goggles on Minute Seeing 2. Great Tentacle Rod 2. Grim Grimoire 2. Hammer of Vitroin 2. Hand of Vecna 2.

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Harp of Charming 2. Headband of Inspired Wisdom 2. Heavy Crossbow of Speed 2. Helm of Bravery 2. Helm of Opposite Alignment 2. Helm of Underwater Action 2. Heward's Handy Haversack 2. Holy Longsword 2. Horn of Bubbles 2. Horn of Flies 2. Horn of Vahalla 2. Hornblade 2. Knave's Eye Patch 2. Lesser Tentacle Rod 2. Libram of Gainful Conjuration 2. Libram of Ineffable Damnation 2. Libram of Silver Magic 2. Longsword of Giant Slaying 2. Lord's Ensemble 2. Manual of Golem Construction 2. Mask of the Balor 2. Mattock of the Titans 2.

Maul of the titans 2. Mighty Cleaving Greatsword 2. Mirror of the Past 2. Mithril Breastplate 2. Mithril Scale Mail 2. Necklace of Fireball Missiles 2. Necklace of Prayer Beads 2. Net of Snaring 2. Nightbringer 2. Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments 2. Obsidian Steed 2. Oil of Bless Weapon 2. Oil of Etherealness 2. Oil of Impact 2. Oil of Timelessness 2. Ointments of Blessing 2. Opal of the Ild Rune 2. Orb of Dragonkind 2. Paper Bird 2. Philosopher's Stone 2. Philter of Stammering and Stuttering 2. Phylactery of Positive Channeling 2. Pipes of Haunting 2.

Pipes of Pain 2. Plate Mail of Command 2. Plate Mail of Ethereality 2. Plate Mail of Fear 2. Potion of Diminution 2. Potion of Extra Healing 2. Potion of Flying 2. Potion of Giant Strength 2. Potion of Polymorph Self 2. Potion of neutralize poison 2. Prison of Zagyg 2. Quaal's Feather Token 2. Quarrel of Charming 2. Quarrel of Disarming 2. Quarrel of Dispelling 2. Quarrel of Stunning 2. Ring of Alertness 2. Ring of Animal Control 2. Ring of Animal Influence 2. Ring of Deflection 2. Ring of Dragons 2. Ring of Energy Resistance 2. Ring of Flight 2. Ring of Human Control 2. Ring of Life Protection 2.

Dragon Hunters Series

Ring of One Wish 2. Ring of Quickness 2. Ring of Remedies 2. Ring of Safety 2. Ring of Seeing 2. Ring of Three Wishes 2. Ring of Truth Telling 2. Ring of Water Breathing 2. Robe of Vermin 2. Rod of Health 2. Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection 2. Rod of the Python 2. Scarab of Insanity 2. Scimitar of Speed 2.

Scroll of Disintegration 2. Sentinel Shield 2. Serpent's Eye 2. Serpentine Owl 2. Shield of Protection 2. Short Sword of Subtlety 2. Shortsword of Quickness 2. Slate of Identification 2. Smokepowder 2. Spellguard Shield 2. Sphere of Annialation 2. Staff of Charming 2. Staff of Curing 2. Staff of Frost 2. Staff of Harming 2. Staff of Life 2. Staff of Minor Arcana 2. Staff of Water 2. Stone of Alarm 2. Stone of Golorr 2. Sweet Water 2. Sword of the Planes 2.

Talisman of The Sphere 2. Tanglefoot Bag 2. Teleport Ring 2. The Blackheart 2. The Forger's Quill 2. The Sword of Kas 2. Trident of Submission 2. Ungent of Timelessness 2. Unholy Dagger 2. Universal Solvent 2. Van Richten's Guide to Fiends 2. Van Richten's Guide to Vampires 2. Van Richten's Guide to the Lich 2. Wand of Animate Dead 2. Wand of Binding 2. Wand of Burning Hands 2. Wand of Cat's Grace 2.

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Wand of Charm Person 2. Wand of Defoliation 2. Wand of Earth and Stone 2. Wand of Entangle 2. Wand of Force 2. Wand of Hold Person 2. Wand of Orcus 2. Wand of Restoration 2. Wand of Scorching Ray 2. Wand of Secret Door Detection 2. Wand of Size Alteration 2. Wand of Trap Detection 2. Wand of Webs 2. Wave 2. Wheel-lock pistol 2. Whelm 2. Wingwear 2. Wizard Eye 2. A Ruby Shard of Arik 1. A Ukobach's Shovel 1. Abathon 1. Abyssal Candy 1. Abyssal Salt 1. Accordian of Goodness 1. Acererak's Golden Crown 1. Acts of Iomedae 1. Adder Sandals 1. Admixture Vial 1. Aesirhamar Major Artifact 1.

Agrimmosh 1. Air Elemental Gem 1. Airship 1. Alchemical Chainmail 1. Alchemical Silver 1. Alien Technology 1. All Death Periapt 1. All or Nothing Armor 1. Amphora of Tsen 1. Amulet of Animation 1. Amulet of Armor 1. Amulet of Blinking 1. Amulet of Chag 1. Amulet of Clairvoyance 1.

The Stone Seekers (Dragon Hunters Book 1) by L.L. Hansen (1 star ratings)

Amulet of Demon Control 1. Amulet of Dragon Warding 1.

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Amulet of Dragon Will 1. Amulet of Emotions 1. Amulet of False Life 1. Amulet of Fire Resistance 1. Amulet of Freedom of Speech 1. Amulet of Grasping Souls 1. Amulet of Inescapable Detection 1. Amulet of Kings 1. Amulet of Magic Resistance 1. Amulet of Many Colors 1.

Amulet of Misty Step 1. Amulet of Protection from Charm 1. Amulet of Protection from Werewolves 1. Amulet of Psychic Interference 1. Amulet of Snake Speak 1. Amulet of Stamina 1. Amulet of Terror 1. Amulet of X-Ray Vision 1. Amulet of the Abomination 1. Amulet of the Abyss 1. Amulet of the Crescent Moon 1. Amulet of the Darkstar 1. Amulet of the Guarding Sea 1. Amulet of the Lightstar 1. Amulet of the Lotus Master 1. Amulet of the Serpent 1. Amulet of the Stone Palm 1. Amulet of the Void 1. Andrews Crossbar 1. Angelfall Bow 1. Anima Engine 1. Animal Pull Toy 1. Animated Portrait 1.

Animator Brush 1. Anti-Stoning Shield 1. Antimagic Plate 1. Antimatter Rifle 1. Antiquarian's Monocle 1. Anything Sword 1. Aoxar's Helm 1. Arcana Slayer 1. Arcane Occulus of Clarity 1. Archer's Cigar Case 1. Argrim's Ring 1. Arm of Tsathogga 1. Armillary Amulet 1. Armoire of Invulnerability 1. Armor of Death's Agent 1. Armor of Hapy 1.

Armor of Spell Resistance 1. Armor of St. Gaed the Confessor 1. Armor of Tumbling 1. Armor of the Pious 1. Arquebuse hand cannon 1. Arrow of Demon Slaying 1. Arrow of Direction 1. Arrow of Dispelling 1. Arrow-Catching Shield 1. Artifacts of Yarash 1. Artor's Armament 1. Artosa Ring 1. Ary'Velahr'Kerym 1. Asbestos Chain Mail 1. Ashes of Evensong 1. Ashurta's Blade 1. Assassin's Leather 1. Atlantean Diadem 1. Audaviator 1. Aumry's Staff of the Night 1. Aumry's cloak 1. Auren Beacon 1.

Aurumvorax Kidneys 1. Azeran Malleus 1.

The Dragon Hunters book one by James Russell's

Azuremantle 1. Baba Yaga's Broom 1. Baba Yaga's Cauldron 1. Baccob's Blessed Book 1. Bag of Levitation 1. Bag of Transmuting 1. Bag of Unending Nourishment 1. Bagpipes of Fog 1. Bagpipes of Haunting 1. Baldric of Time 1. Balipur's Belt 1. Balipur's Staff 1. Ball of Returning 1. Banana of Holding 1. Bands of Youm 1. Baneful Rod 1.

Banner of Vlko 1. Banrhialorg 1. Barding of Pleated Light 1. Basilisk Egg 1. Basin of Calling and Seeing 1. Battle Ring 1. Battle-axe of Spell Cleaving 1. Battlebranch 1. Bauble's 1. Bax's Mask 1. Beacon of Selune 1. Bead of Blessing 1. Beastlands Whistle 1. Belt of Bones 1. Belt of Ogre Power 1. Belt of Physical Perfection 1. Belt of Reduction 1. Belt of Storm Giant Strength 1.

Belt of Titanic Might 1. Belt of Vigor 1. Berserker Axe 1. Berserker Flail 1. Berserking Sword 1. Between Ring 1. Bilious Bottle 1. Black Adder Venom 1. Black Blade of Aknar Ratalla 1. Black Book of Llareggub 1. Black Dragon Mask 1. Black Dragonscale Shield Cover 1.