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She on the other hand has no social life to speak of, because we all know that good girls should never sleep with guys they don't love and want to marry. Of course, it's a different story for guys, right? Yeah, maybe two hundred years ago. The heroine wholeheartedly protests to us, the readers, that she would NEVER get with the betraying scum bag of a hero who left her when she needed him the most.

The hero who, only upon receiving some papers that insulted his manliness, decided to come back and act like a father. We all know how well the heroine's protests gets her. Basically, by the end of it, I was left feeling disgusted and sickened by both the hero and heroine. It's such a joy reading these "contemporary romance" novels I am left feeling very empowered as a woman after having read these novels.

Jul 07, Booknut rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , heartbreak-and-loss , mature-themes. Between Paige crying over Mitch, Mitch being a self-serving idiotic jackass who deserves to be neutered , and Paige in an extremely obvious and not-at-all-shocking ending forgiving Mitch and taking him back, I have used up my quota of gives to give about this book. It'd be nice to read a book where the female character doesn't get back together with the asshat who broke her heart and left her. Just once. So we can teach a generation of readers that women don't deserve to be treated like trash and they do have the ability to resist good-looking men who are clearly not good for them.

But until those books come along, Trapped will just have to be added to the pile of romance books that make me want to facepalm several times. View 1 comment. Jul 08, Jinx rated it it was ok Shelves: annoying-heroine , second-chances , unlikable-mc , boring , almost-dnf , douche-bag. Well this was anti-climactic nothing worth happening happens. There was no real conflict just a bunch of idiotic-immature bullshit. Mitch was a selfish-whiney-childish dick and Paige was a weak-minded push-over who mostly thought with her vagina.

The author kinda glossed over that whole situation making it pointless. There was no emotion behind it and Mitch just accepted what was done to him cause he kind Well this was anti-climactic nothing worth happening happens. There was no emotion behind it and Mitch just accepted what was done to him cause he kinda-sorta did the same thing to Brianna but not really. Apr 22, B. I loved this book it hits some personal notes with me because my husband and I had our first child when I was 17, and with all 17 years olds we still had growing up to do and so the road was bumpy.

Not the same as this story but this book still left a permeant mark in my mind. So when I saw that Trapped was released I instantly got my copy, and dug in the second I could. Now I should also say that I am a very unforgiving reader when a heroine is wronged by her man it is almost always unforgivable to me, I want the hero to suffer painfully and then be humiliated and shunned and even though I hated Mitch there was some nagging in the back of my brain that was rooting for him to do the impossible and make me fall in love with him while he EARNED Paige's forgiveness.

I have to give props to Beverley Kendal for this book she actually made me not only forgive Mitch, fall in love with him, and root for him. In the prequel we saw Paige get pregnant and Mitch leave. Now when his sister who has been by Paige's side every step of the way bring a picture of Bree there daughter and papers for Mitch to sign that will relinquish his parental rights Mitch finally wakes up.

Leaving school Mitch comes home determined to be a part of his daughters life and make the wrongs right by gaining pages trust and forgiveness but not wanting anything else. But when Mitch see's Paige the feelings he buried surface. Paige has finally moved on and accepted being a single parent and given up on Mitch coming home. So when she see's him she is shocked and hurt. Soon Mitch starts to show Paige that he intends to be a part of Bree's life and help Paige.

As many times as Paige tell's herself she wants nothing more from Mitch the more time they spend together the harder it is to distinguish her true feelings for Mitch. But soon Mitch realizes that he not only hurt Paige and his family but being absent has hurt the relationship he now so desperately wants with his daughter. The more time Mitch, Paige, and Bree spend together the harder it is for them to deny the feeling that never went away. But Paige isn't sure she can forgive and trust Mitch for leaving when she needed him most, now Mitch will have to decide what he is willing to do to get Paige back in his life and prove to her he is a changed man wanting nothing more than for Paige, Bree and himself to finally be a family.

I loved this book Beverley Kendall did an amazing job with this book, she made me break down in tears, laugh, smile and root for Mitch. I loved that Mrs. Kendall made Mitch work for Paige's love and forgiveness, and didn't sweep their problems under the rug as well as make Paige realize her mistakes in what happened.

I also loved the twist in this story, I saw it coming but I was so excited to see if I was right and to see how it turned out I was almost biting my nails with excitement. I was hooked from begging to end while reading this book, I didn't want to put it down and was sad to see it end. Paige and Mitch were great characters we saw their flaws but it was so easy to love them.

I also really enjoyed how Bree was incorporated into this story it just added another dimension to this story that made it that much better. This story was so full of great characters with depth. I am really excited to read their friends story we were given a nice peak into there lives in this book and it just made me that much more excited. This book seriously exceeded my expectations and then some. Beverly Kendall did a great job, I literally couldn't have asked for more. I really really really hope an ARC for this is offered.

View all 10 comments. I still don't like Mitch. He did grovel but it was still not enough for me sorry. Paige took his jackass ass too quickly. And also he was so annoying acting whiny especially in the beginning when Bree didn't want to go to him. Seriously asshole you never acknowledged her existence and suddenly you want the baby to love you? Having said all this, I couldn't put it down and there were heartbreaking moments which made me tear up. Bree was my favorite part of the book. He didn't redeem himself in my opinion I loved the prequel for this story but unfortunately I did not love the book that came after.

He didn't grovel or redeem himself in my opinion. He was still a pig. I hated him and instill gave It three stars because of the writing. She knows how to make the words come alive. But in the end I didn't like Paige and I hated Mitch. I still can't call him a hero because he isn't! I wanted him to hurt as much as he hurt her but he didn't. He started the story almo He didn't redeem himself in my opinion I loved the prequel for this story but unfortunately I did not love the book that came after.

He started the story almost screwing a girl and I don't think he would not have stopped if his 'sister' hadn't stopped by. He was a pig. I don't think he groveled enough and I thought he was a jerk. I was disappointed with Paige for giving in so easily. He never suffered enough for me. Again good writing, great heroine, lovely baby but a sucky male lead. Wish she would have loved Trent!

He was a better man and would have been a great Father. Hated Mitch. Jun 04, B. Love rated it it was amazing. Aug 20, Jenn rated it liked it Shelves: boardingschools-college , babies-fathers-secret-pregnancies. I really enjoyed the prequel, The Trap. The author pulled a lot of emotion out of me. I was hoping to feel the same intense connection to Trapped. In the beginning, Paige has a lot of animosity towards Mitch, and rightfully so.

I felt it. I also felt Mitch's pain for how he reacted and what he missed out on. I felt Paige's feelings as she tried to keep her guard up with Mitch. The Story Mitch comes back from school fully prepared to be the dad he should have been all along. And hey, if he can even I really enjoyed the prequel, The Trap. And hey, if he can eventually win Paige over too, then it's an over all win for Mitch. At some point in the story, even I was rooting and cheering Mitch on to win back his family.

They are the loves of his life and the light in his eyes. He just had to come to grips with his actions and the role he played in the downfall of him and Paige first and figure out how to get them back. Paige on the other hand was having nothing to do with a reconciliation. Well her mind was on board, however, not always were other parts of her.

She puts Mitch through the ringer while he proves he can be daddy of the year and eventually the man of her life again. There are a few surprises and a twist thrown in to round out this story. However, I felt like some characters who played bigger roles at times fell off the pages of the script. And parts of the story weren't fleshed out as well, especially the last part of the book when the twist takes place. I also felt some things happen or people show up just to be placed back in the story and it felt pointless. And a major annoyance for me was Paige's best friend, Erin.

I wanted to tell her she was the pot calling the kettle black many times. What I liked: 1. Paige acted how I wanted most heroines to act when her man goes stupid and ditches her. Finally a woman was smart and made it hard to let the man win her back. Diane and Dan. Mitch - I loved how he did everything he could to win his family back.

Trapped (1) - Laramie.

The living arrangement. A few surprises in the story. Dual POV. Mitch's big gesture to Paige. Jul 15, Three Chicks rated it liked it. Now whether or not you are going to get a second chance is yet to be seen. End of letter rent The only redeeming quality of this character is that he woke up and realized that he had gold in his hand and fought for the family he wanted…Because in the end as a parent you put the needs of your child before yourself… Mitch and Paige were a couple until Paige found herself pregnant and upon hearing the news,Mitch left for New York and was never in touch with his girlfriend and baby daughter.

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After his daughter turned 7 months old, Mitch's sister visited him in New York bringing with her a picture of Bree and a document regarding giving up parental rights. Mitch came to his senses and returned to Georgia. I really liked that part,Mitch returned home because he regretted leaving and wanted to be the f Loved it! I really liked that part,Mitch returned home because he regretted leaving and wanted to be the father that he was supposed to be to Bree.. Paige came in second.

That was a breath of fresh air,most of the books that I've read, the opposite happened. Paige gave Mitch a well deserved hard time and I love her for it. It wasn't easy for Mitch to correct his mistakes, he stumbled many times but he didn't give up and went full steam ahead. Seeing all his hard work, Paige's guarded walls began to shake and crumble.

They started a new relationship with their baby daughter, family and friends. Part 2 of the series starts off with Paige making out with some random girl when his sister knocks on the door.. In my opinion, yes he wasn't there for Paige during the pregnancy, nor birth of his daughter but he was betrayed.. She should have told him she stopped taking the dang on pills.

However he first starts focusing on his baby, getting to know her, and being more involved in her life, but then he wants Paige back, but Paige can't trust him. I thought both made mistakes, and you could tell how sorry he was, so yes her stipulations and attitude was unwarranted. But it had some drama in it, so it was enjoyable.

Jul 14, Anne OK rated it really liked it Shelves: reads. Beverley Kendall lit the flame to this installment. I loved this one from start to finish. It was fun to watch as Mitch groveled and managed to dig himself out of the garbage can. He really wasn't a bad guy once he got himself together and all the facts made available to him. Paige wasn't perfect - she made some mistakes. She owned up to them.

A major and truly surprising twist completely took me by surprise. Thereafter, the story increased in its intensity and became all the more intriguing and Beverley Kendall lit the flame to this installment. Thereafter, the story increased in its intensity and became all the more intriguing and entertaining. Some great secondary cast members help to elevate it even more. Because the story span was over many years, I was impressed and delighted with the depth and emotional construction found throughout.

Jun 14, Pattrycia rated it it was ok. Jan 20, Julia's Book Haven rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance. Very low on drama considering the story line and I really liked that. I had high hopes for this book and I immediately grabbed it and read it right after I've read The Trap. But for those whose planning to read it, I would actually advise reading The Trap first to fully understand or give you insights into what this book is all about.

Going back, I honestly enjoyed and loved this book so much! Pretty much read it in one sitting. I won't 4. I won't say too much about the plot because part of the enjoyment is watching it all unravel and not knowing what will happen next. I honestly hated Mitch in The Trap, who wouldn't right? I mean he accused his girlfriend of cheating, demanding a paternity test, accused her of trying to trap him and basically left her on her own when she needed him the most.

Oh yeah , a total douche back and a jerk in my book! I was actually really prepared to hate him more in this book but the author made him a man I fell gaga over! Yes, he was wrong leaving Paige pregnant but Mitch manned up and steps it up. You are a tool now, a means to an end. I am in the same position, and together we must weave a path through this quagmire. And he did have many episodes of acting like an ass as well.

I did not dislike him for the most part, as I did Ari, but I did not fall in love with him, as I like to do with my romance heroes. There is a long and drawn out buildup to Ivor finding out that Ari has met with Gabriel behind his back. The meetings were innocent, and Ari tells Gabriel that she loves her husband and will not carry on with Gabriel.

Ivor was her partner, her true mate. It was for her to tell Gabriel the truth, to let him down gently but definitely. There could be no misunderstanding. She would not hurt him any more than she could help, but her loyalty was to Ivor. But of course Ivor finds out about it and is livid. The build up to the supposed betrayal is so heavy handed, I can feel the foreshadowing walloping me over the head! After reading this book, I went back to my Goodreads shelf and looked at my ratings for the last years of books, and they have been consistently low.

I believe that I have been buying her most recent books based upon my initial love of her earlier books. View 1 comment. Trapped at the Altar by Jane Feather is her debut novel in the Trapped series which turns out to be my very first experience of her writing as well.

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The premise of this story was an interesting one. Ivor Chalfont and Ariadne Daunt had grown up together, childhood friends, their entwined fate as husband and wife decided when they were merely children. When the time of reckoning had come, Ariadne had been in love with another, so totally not ready to give herself up to Ivor who seemed perfectly at Trapped at the Altar by Jane Feather is her debut novel in the Trapped series which turns out to be my very first experience of her writing as well.

When the time of reckoning had come, Ariadne had been in love with another, so totally not ready to give herself up to Ivor who seemed perfectly at home with what is expected of him. What could have turned out to be a delicious read somehow headed astray right from the very beginning. But turns out, I had a problem with connecting to either Ivor or Ariadne.

There were moments in the story where I though I might be able to fall in love with Ivor which turned out to be a couple of false alarms. If you ask me, Ivor was the lesser of the two evils where the two protagonists of the story are concerned. Ariadne was in love with another man which was fine by me. She was reluctant to enter into a forced marriage which was yet again fine by me.

And Ariadne giving up her virginity to the man she had supposedly been in love with was also fine with me. I felt that Ariadne was just a little bit too spoiled and selfish, and I guess rightfully so when she herself admitted to the fact towards the end of the story. Ariadne has this habit of thinking of just herself and though there forges this connection between Ivor and herself as man and wife, she has a hard time putting her trust in him and letting him know how she feels about certain things related to their marriage. Ivor was the character I felt that could have turned the story around for the better.

There is this aloofness about him or I should say a stiffness about him that seems almost unyielding. For two people who had known each other and practically grown up together as confidantes and best of friends, I had a hard time envisioning that connection between them. There were scenes where that connection seemed to materialize and then something would happen and it just went poof in the air. Somehow, I wanted more from both Ivor and Ariadne and I never got that.

I believe that the next couple of books in the series would follow that line of story to the end? But frankly I would have to say that I am just not that interested enough to find out more. Recommended, if you are a fan of Jane Feather. View 2 comments. Jul 17, Dottie rated it really liked it. An intriguing tale for lovers of historical romance! Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies. This union is intended to unite the warring family. Sending Gabriel An intriguing tale for lovers of historical romance! Sending Gabriel off to protect him from her vengeful family, she makes plans to escape her husband and reunite with her lover in London, where the newlyweds are expected to rehabilitate the Daunt and Chalfant family names, returning them to their once noble status.

But as they prepare for travel, Ari begins to see her husband as more than a friend. At the age of six, Ivor Chalfant was sent to live with the Daunts. He felt out of place until one little girl, Ari, took him in hand. He has no qualms about marrying Ari, despite her proclaimed love for another man. In fact, he stands to gain much from the marriage, including a wife he loves.

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He and Ari have always enjoyed a solid friendship, but now he wants nothing more than to take her to his bed. Despite her claims of love for another man, Ivor does not believe it and will do whatever he has to in order to win her heart as well as her passion. Even while feeling disloyal to Gabriel, Ari cannot help giving into the physical attraction between her and Ivor. The two men in her life could not be more different — Gabriel is a shy poet while Ivor, like the men in her clan, exudes raw power.

After being around her relatives, the Daunts, she enjoys the quiet comfort of being around Gabriel, but she cannot deny the powerful chemistry she has with Ivor. Just as she finds herself falling in love with her husband, Gabriel makes his presence known in London, determined to win her back. Which man will she choose? This story is set during the Monmouth Rebellion, a time when family fortunes could be won or lost over religion. Ari is Catholic and Ivor is Protestant. With the queen being a Catholic and the king publicly portrayed as a Protestant while secretly attending mass; it will take some tricky maneuvering for the newlyweds to complete their mission successfully.

I could not help rooting for Ivor since Gabriel came across to me as a milquetoast. Still the story will have you guessing, even as the choice becomes more and more apparent. Dottie, RomanceJunkies. Jul 14, Ang rated it it was ok. Not positive, but thought so. Kept looking for an epilogue? Maybe my review copy dropped it somehow? The story of Ivor Chalfont and Ariadne Daunt is an interesting one given that their families are rivals but through an old agreement, the Chalfont's agree to hand over their young son, Ivor, so he can be betrothed to Ariadne and unite their families and regain their standing with the King who banished them, I guess, to the West Country where the Daunt's have been existing Well The story of Ivor Chalfont and Ariadne Daunt is an interesting one given that their families are rivals but through an old agreement, the Chalfont's agree to hand over their young son, Ivor, so he can be betrothed to Ariadne and unite their families and regain their standing with the King who banished them, I guess, to the West Country where the Daunt's have been existing by smuggling and exhorting riches from others.

Many questions occur with this premise - why are the families using their kids and waiting 20 years to do this? Doesn't this seem like a thin plan given the families haven't exactly been upstanding citizens? This would have been nice to know, but no detail given. The book mainly revolves around the conflict between Ivor and Ariadne who have grown up together as best friends with this knowledge that they are to be married someday, although Ariadne seems to have had memory loss on this point.

She falls in love with a boy who doesn't live in the valley, in other words, not of their kind, and feels she can never love another. However, she is forced to marry Ivor hence the title and start on the quest that takes them to the King's court in London. We navigate through the rough patches that Ivor and Ariadne face regarding the consummation of their marriage and sexual frustration while Gabriel plans to be in London to get Ariadne back.

The attraction between Ariadne and Ivor is a good one and I was rooting for Ivor to hang in there and be patient with Ariadne, that she'll come around. The sex scenes were only a long paragraph, where I prefer a bit more lead up to, during, and after description, or at least several scenes which there were a few. It is when they are in London, that things start to come together regarding the love triangle between Ivor, Ariadne and Gabriel, in addition to Ivor and Ariadne beginning their family mission and make inroads in achieving their goal of getting invited to court.

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First and foremost, if you haven't read The Trap, you should. Paige is left alone and scared to have a baby by herself. At the end things finish up rather too quickly, with what seemed to be a fairly abrupt ending. Share this with your friends! Although widely expressed in the different cell types of the brain, the authors also suggested a unique role for the CCM proteins in endothelial cell biology.

Yet, the only conclusion given is the resolution of the love triangle and happily ever after for Ivor and Ariadne. It is glaringly obvious that there is more to know regarding the family mission, yet there is no mention of it at all. I guess I will never know if they were successful in their mission, if their families' standing was restored, or if they had children. It seems odd to have a sequel as the ending here wasn't set up that way and an epilogue chapter would probably do.

It's too bad it had to end hanging like that, as I have to give it 2 stars and while not quite a 4 star book, I would have given it a fair, in the middle, rating. Digital Review Copy provided by NetGalley. View all 3 comments. Jul 21, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: net-galley , challenge , challenge , historical-romance , kindle-books. Historical romance set in the 's. Why 3. Ari is a strong heroine but to me she comes across as selfish several times through the book, granted she grew up in Daunt Valley, sheltered from the outside world, raised by her grandfather after her parents death.

Her grandfather being an Earl and in charge of the Daunts ; Ari was left to do as he pleased with no one to answer to but her Grandf Historical romance set in the 's. Her grandfather being an Earl and in charge of the Daunts ; Ari was left to do as he pleased with no one to answer to but her Grandfather who tended to favor her and give in easily. What I liked, well was Ari's freind , husband and lover , Ivor Chalfont! Ivor was brought to Daunt valley at the age of 6 to be raised with the Daunts in perpetration for marriage to afar as a means of joining to two arms of a family separated by choice of faith , the daunts being Catholic and out of favor with the Kings politics ,bwhich is what forced the into seclusion to begin with and the Chalfont side of the family Protestant.

Ari and Ivor grew up in each others pockets great freinds and confidants , so for Ari to share with Ivor her love of an outsider she met in the meadows above the valley Gabriel Fawcett a farmers son and poet was normal. Till everything changed, Ari's grandfather passes away, her uncle takes over and demands that Ivor and Ari marry , and begin the process of getting in the good graces with the king and his court. Ivor 's role has changed , he is being pushed by Ari's uncle and the council to be her guardian and take charge of her; Ari unused to being controlled by anyone pushes the limits with Ivor , never mind the fct that he outright tells him she does not want to marry him, she wants Gabriiel , she hurts Ivor because for him since he was six Ari has been his world.

Received this Arc from Netgalley for an honest review! The very day of her Wedding, of course she did not know her uncle would force her and Ivor to marry at the wake feast of her grandfather , she spends in a tryst with Gabreil and then sends him away for his own safety, but he vows to follow her to London and take her away, Ari does not discourage him. Ivor is aware or at least suspects that Ari does not come to him as a virgin so he plans at deceiving her uncle and the council , but outright tells Ari they will not consummate the marriage until he is sure that she does not carry Gabriel's child.

Throughout the story Ivor goes out of his way to protect and forge sometyoe if marriage with Ari , she unfortunately , lies to him, continues to take decisions into her own hands instead of sharing them with him. So like I said hard for me to get on board with Ari. Ii leave you with the question, can Ivor and Ari come to love one another?

Can they bring the family back into the crowns good graces? Will Ari and Gabriel run off together? Will Ari stop lying to Ivor and share her thoughts? The answer to these questions await within. Tell me your thoughts on Ari's character. Jul 06, Becky rated it it was ok. Ari and Ivor have been betrothed since childhood. Ari didn't care and went about her business with no thought to how it would affect her future.

Ivor does his duty, but also loves her. They are both thrown into sudden marriage, cast out of the country, and into London. For a period romance it is immediately apparent that the author has done the research and is knowledgeable. I am not. As a reader I had a difficult time getting past unusual words. Even knowing the context I was forced to look up Ari and Ivor have been betrothed since childhood. Even knowing the context I was forced to look up many to understand what was happening in the story and to picture it.

I like learning new things as I read but not to the extent that the story line stalls. The romance was ok - not great. The sex had potential but felt cut short in every instance. The plot line around the romance fell short. It had the feel of a short story being stretched but still incomplete. A lot of repetition by the author. Editing could have chopped quite a few pages by looking at places where Ari especially had thoughts in her head and then repeated them almost verbatim in conversation a page later.

Jan 26, Emily rated it liked it Shelves: series , betrayal , genre-historical , arranged-forced-marriage. For Ariande Duant she does not want the agreed upon marriage to childhood friend Ivor Cahalfont, her heart belongs to another. Ivor believes that with time Ariande will come to love him, but Ariande is proving to be irrational when it comes to honoring her grandfathers wishes. Trust is tested and Ivor wants a real marriage with his wife, but will Ariande be willing to give their marriage the opportunity it deserves.

Jun 26, Phoenix rated it really liked it. Overall I liked this book. I really liked Ari's spunk and tenaciousness. She was definitely a woman ahead of her time.

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Trapped is an Icelandic television mystery drama series, created by Baltasar Kormákur and produced by RVK Studios. Following an attack on a politician, Chief of Police Andri returns to his rural hometown.

This is really a story about her finding true love and growing as a woman and a wife. She makes so many mistakes but really means no harm. The plot was smooth and kept me wanting to read the book which I was able to finish in a little over a day. I recommend this book. Jul 04, Sherri Bryant rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance. Ari believes she is in love with another man and has no qualms about telling Ivor her heart belongs to another.

Ivor accepts his responsibility to the family and marries Ari but believes her feelings will change and he will win her heart. I found this story very interesting in that Ari is not a virginal maiden. She has given her body and heart to another man; a man she is not married to. I found it interesting that Ivor goes through with the marriage despite knowing Ari has given herself to another and he keeps that secret between them.

I really admired that as this story could have had a completely different outcome.

The only real problem I had with this story is with Ari. She is self-centered and selfish in the beginning. She appears to be a little fickle in how quickly she gets over Gabriel and realizes she loves Ivor. I enjoyed watching her squirm a little bit when Gabriel appears in London and she is filled with anxiety how she will address the situation.

It is resolved not how I thought it would, but, again, Ivor deserves the credit for doing the right thing. I liked Ari, but she needed to do a lot of growing up and with Ivor, she is well on her way. My Final Verdict: Though Ari starts off as very immature and headstrong, she develops into a proper noblewoman doing what her family expects of her. Fans of historical romances will enjoy the backdrop of the court of King Charles II. Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Trapped At The Altar from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Jul 16, Stormi BMReviewsohmy rated it it was ok. First Thoughts: This one sounded really interesting but I just couldn't get into it. This one sounded interested when I decided to review it and at the beginning I liked it but then it gets bogged down with the traveling to London and I realized I wasn't that interested in the characters. The Daunts use to be part of Court but with a protestant king the Catholics were ran off and the Daunts became powerful thugs.

They have always wanted their place back at Court so Ari's grandfather betrothed he First Thoughts: This one sounded really interesting but I just couldn't get into it. They have always wanted their place back at Court so Ari's grandfather betrothed her to her cousin Ivor who is from a protestant background. The two families hope that the young couple can go to London and rise up into Court. The only problem with this idea is that Ari is in love with Gabriel a poet.

She loves Ivor for a friend as they have grown up together but she never thought of his as a husband. She only agreed to be betrothed because she thought it would give her more time to convince her grandfather that she loved Gabriel. Then her grandfather dies and her uncle who knows about her dalliance decides to go ahead and rush things along and marry her to Ivor before she can even think of a way out. Ari is sort of a spoiled brat and she is very mean-hearted to Ivor through the beginning of their marriage. I know that she didn't want to be married to him but it's not his fault.

He didn't have a lot of choice in the matter either, but the only difference for him is that he really does love Ari. She hates seeing him go to a whorehouse but she has no right to complain, she tells him she is in love with someone else when they are married. I just never really cared a lot for Ari even though she does start to behave a bit better in the middle of the book. Ivor, is a sweet guy but he just never grabbed my attention. He puts up with Ari's actions a little bit better than I would have if I was him.

She is lucky she was married to Ivor because anyone else would have treated her a lot different. That being said I think because he was so sweet was the reason I didn't really care for him. He let her get away with to many things, especially when they have a lot at stake. Gabriel, well lets jut say I have no clue what she ever seen in that man. He was a real wimp and I was glad that she decided that their little trollop was just a childish love. Though Gabriel doesn't take no very well. Over all I just wasn't in love with any of these characters and so this one just didn't click for me. Historical romances are my favorites usually, but something was missing from this one and I just can't put my finger on it.

I have seen some reviews of those who really loved it and ones that didn't so this one seems to be just a hit and miss with readers. Oct 15, Marilyn Rondeau rated it really liked it. During her wanderings she met and fell in love with Gabriel Fawcett and vowed to be with him. In fact, her uncle Rolf who was now the new head of the Daunts, demanded that Ari be married at once, giving her no time to protest as the elders planned her nuptials. Although Ari had always been fond of Ivor, her childhood friend, she had no plans to consummate the nuptials thinking that when she had the chance she would run away with Gabriel.

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However, he was not stupid and knowing of her indiscretion would bide his time before consummation of their wedding knowing that she had lost her virginity before they married. Ari on the other hand had not only given her heart away, but also her virginity. She was in the beginning keeping many secrets from her friend and husband Ivor who in spite of knowing was still a most honorable and loving man.

Specifically, the two religions that separated the King and Queen — he being Protestant and his wife being Catholic. Does her lover show up in the story? Does she hold true to her heart and make the right decision? Guess you have to read the book and discover that for yourself. Marilyn Rondeau, for www. Jul 24, Margaret Fisk rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed. Originally posted on Tales to Tide You Over Ariadne and Ivor conduct a drawn-out dance of tangled emotions: love, distrust, and anger in Trapped at the Altar. The premise of her being in love with another man but forced to marry Ivor made the beginning awkward for me.

Gabriel did not suit her, but who is to say with true love? That made me wonder if I would enjoy this book, but she matures a lot throughout the story, and at the same time stays true to her nature though it works against her. Ivor is a little more rigid. He sheds his childhood in an instant, but carries his fears with him like a blessing. This is an odd book with things hinted at that do not reach their point, which makes sense as the start of an epic historical saga, but the book is styled as a romance, so I was a little thrown.

So why am I telling you about it when I only bother to review books that worked for me? The characters are complex and well written, especially Ari, who comes to understand not just herself but others through the course of the novel. The novel offers a rolling third POV, handing the reins off to minor or short-term characters as well as the main two, but each character is full-blooded with both weaknesses and strengths enough to carry me along.

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I will forgive much for characters who make me want to see them work through their tangles, and Jane Feather definitely offered those. Not only that, but as a saga, this novel provides a good setup with the potential for further complexity as Ivor and Ariadne figure out how to navigate the court and the balance between two conflicting religions Protestant and Catholic.

I will note that the sexual aspect is explicit and has dominance overtones, but it is also key to the story as Ariadne learns, both physically and in her heart, what it is to love a man who is her equal. I received this title from the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review. Sep 11, Rosie Read rated it liked it Shelves: historical-romance.

Feather's book is an enjoyable historical read, however there are a few things holding it off getting more than three stars Firstly, it is hard to love the main character, Ariadne, especially at first as she comes across as incessantly naive, stubborn and spoilt. Believing herself to be in love with Gabriel, a poet from a nearby settlement, Ari refuses to commit to her relationship with Ivor and does begin to grate on the nerves at some points, especially in the face of the gentle patience she Feather's book is an enjoyable historical read, however there are a few things holding it off getting more than three stars Believing herself to be in love with Gabriel, a poet from a nearby settlement, Ari refuses to commit to her relationship with Ivor and does begin to grate on the nerves at some points, especially in the face of the gentle patience she is consistently offered.

For himself, Ivor is much easier to like as a character; Feather gives us some great insights into his thoughts and his devotion and understanding of Ari is sure to melt many a reader's heart. Ivor and Ari's relationship is a solid friendship from the beginning, which is a pleasant element to their tale, and we get to accompany the character's on their slow journey to romance.

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Mystery Thriller. Magnus V. Seven years later, a mutilated torso is caught in fishing nets just off the local harbour, shortly before the arrival of the ferry from Hirtshals in Denmark. The discovery of the torso is initially linked to someone aboard the ferry. Jonas Malakauskas, a Lithuanian criminal involved in human trafficking, manages to escape from the ferry driving a campervan, where he has imprisoned Joy, a Nigerian girl, and her younger sister Nishadi. Jonas crashes the vehicle and flees on foot, but is quickly captured.

Joy and Nishadi find refuge at Hinrika's home. Meanwhile, the torso is stolen from the fish factory where it was being stored, and Jonas escapes from a police cell, but is found dead after crashing a stolen police car. He admits to posting the tweet, but denies stealing the body, and is later released when a further body part is found in the harbour together with a receipt which shows that the dead man was never on the ferry. The police determine the identity of the dead man. He tells her that he has seen Hrafn beating his wife. Later, Hrafn is burned to death in his garden shed, with the door locked from the outside.

Andri follows him to his boat in the harbour, where he finds the missing torso in the hold. The weather, having cleared sufficiently for the detective team to arrive from Reykjavik, sees the investigation taken over by Trausti, a former colleague of Andri's. Meanwhile, Hinrika continues the investigation into the human trafficking operation, and Captain Carlsen is arrested. Confidence wanes in the Reykjavik police's conclusions, and Andri is given the reins over the murder investigations. The ferry captain reveals that he is being controlled by the Faroese "engineer", and the agrees to cooperate with Andri provided that his family in Denmark receives police protection.

The engineer is captured, and warns Andri that the murders are nothing to do with him, implying that there are bigger criminals operating in the town. However, Andri is shocked at the chance discovery that his father-in-law, Eirikur, has in his possession the key to Hrafn's shed padlock, evidently tying him to the murder. Andri deduces that seven years earlier, Geirmundur had raped Maria, but in exchange for not pressing charges Hrafn made a deal with Geirmundur to burn down the fish factory and leave town. Andri coaxes Maggi's mother, Maria, into confessing that she killed Geirmundur in self-defence after he returned to town looking for Maggi, broke into her home, and attacked her.

Agnes leaves town with her boyfriend, her daughters, and her mother, leaving Andri behind alone. The stranded ferry casts off with a new captain, and departs the fjord. A shocking attack on a politician in Reykjavik means Chief of Police Andri has to return to his hometown in the north of the island, and to working with his former colleagues Hinrika and Asgeir, to investigate a suspected link between the case and far-right nationalists.