Tale of the Dying Thief

The Faith of a Dying Thief
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houbecmita.tk/map16.php And yes, Bob, I do believe that through this blogging that you do you will come to find the reality of Jesus Christ before you die. Maybe you once believed in God for something and he was silent and then you turned your back on him, deciding he does not exist. Who even seems to dissappoint us. Lucifer has known the plan of God for humanity all along and has been exceedingly busy planting all sorts of different versions of the truth and he is very serious about taking down humanity. There is only one truth. This is because when you add a sum there is only one correct answer. And no, not all religions say that there is no middle ground and that you must choose either life or death.

Many religions embrace the evil as good. The truth is not found in the religious dogma of the various religions. It is found only in Jesus Christ. Doctrine comes from demonic origin enslaving mankind. Jesus fulfilled the law of karma, cause and effect, and has given us access to complete freedom. Is it not the highest form of mercy for one man to die for the sake of many that they may find life?

Is it not the greatest love of God for man to incarnate on earth in the form of Jesus Christ and to take on the whole of sin of humanity upon himself? I hope you get this far because I want to tell you that the best part of your life is on its way. I already understand, but thanks. But this God guy is so furious he needs to kill someone. For the imperfection in humans that he put there. The guy needs counseling. So why get worked up about it? Do you believe the Iliad was true? The story of Merlin?

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Jesus gave himself a higher status than his followers. As for genocide, support for slavery, and other barbarities, you can find that in Yahweh. So replying to my point that the parable of the sheep and goats show that you get into heaven by works is difficult, so instead of admitting the problem you just ignore it?

I do believe that t hrough t his blogging that you do you will come to find the reality of Jesus Christ before you die. Two choices. There are a lot of religions out there. Why elevate yours I mean, besides the fact that you grew up in a Christian environment? With all the disease and misery on the earth, how do you know the Creator was the good guy? Who says we came out of the box imperfect? The Bible tells it differently. That perfect Adam and Eve, who represent humanity, communed with the serpent.

They had been informed and warned but they were also free to choose. This led to the union between the non-human, foreign, demonic entities fallen angels, nephilim and the human. This resulted in our genetic mutation into a hybrid and as a result our bodies now carry the gene of evil and this can be verified through the scientific discovery of reptilian DNA in all humans.

This is the root of corruption of our perfection and it is found to originate in the flesh body. We inherited from Lucifer and company the attraction for the bizarre, the perverted, the occult, the darkness etc. Why hold it against God if he chooses to free mankind from this imperfect body and condition by sending himself to earth in the form of Jesus Christ to die on the cross, shedding his blood as a sacrifice, to cleanse us from all sin, giving us a chance to choose and enter into a life of perfection once again.

I thought is was the cocky humans who killed him. To be sure, he knew that would happen, yet he wanted to do this for us. According to the Bible, ultimately, sin requires blood to be cleansed away. Perhaps this has something to do with the power of the life force in blood. He vanquished sin and death through his own blood. Obviously the dynamic of the sin he was focused on required more than just an apology in order to bring about the salvation and transformation of humanity since it is inherent in our genes.

Jesus did not give himself a higher status than his followers but served them. Neither did he assign himself more wives while his followers could only have four. I now add: Without receiving the atonement of the blood of the lamb your good works are as filthy rags, meaning they cannot save you as you need to be born again become a new person in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven which is inside you. I am sure you must have noted my statement before that there are only two choices. Lucifer or Jesus. Aetheism falls into the category of anti-christ as does any other belief that refuses to acknowledge God in the form of Jesus Christ.

Bob, you know nothing about me except from what you can gather on this blog. I never grew up in a Christian home. Although I received Christ at the age of thirteen I went on to reject him repeatedly for many of the same reasons you do. I embraced all religions and believed that God is to be found there just in a different manifestation according to the culture etc. I dislike the concept of hell even now but it exists whether I like it or not.

Through the study of religions and reading the Bible and also being open and receptive to the Holy Spirit I eventually realised that there is a huge difference between Jesus and other gods, one that cannot be reconciled. I was never able to not believe there was a God because I had the evidence inside me already which I could not deny. I have hated him and his creation for a time but I have never been able to believe he does not exist. Even now it is not easy for me to tell someone there is no other way but Jesus. In fact I avoid making this statement unless I have to.

I do not consider myself religious and only go to church on the odd occassion. Today I embrace things that the majority of Christians consider taboo such as aliens, reincarnation not like it has been given by Buddhists and Hindus and other concepts that I believe have been shown to me by the Holy Spirit.

At present humanity is incapable of understanding the concept of God even adequately but we can relate to Jesus. What I have found from experience is that if in the times when you think God is silent, not there, and you are able to keep faith with him that he does always show up. He also at times does this when you are not keeping faith. Disease and misery came about through the original sin. The Bible informs us about a time when good is called evil and vice versa.

This is just to confuse and deceive us so that we turn against Jesus and sink humanity into further depravity and darkness. Humanity was created by God as perfect and powerful. All these abilities we hear about such as telepathy, teleportation, the power of the mind to move objects mountains , change the weather, healing, etc etc belong to us as natural inborn characteristics. Our vibrational frequency is love. The Bible is like a story about God becoming a parent.

God informed and warned his children that there was an enemy of their life. His children paid no heed, disobeyed and chose to believe the enemy rather than him and made a choice which changed the destiny of mankind. It was a mistake like the kind of mistake that happens which cannot be changed once its happened, like a drunken car driver who kills another due to his drunkeness.

You can say you are sorry as many times as you like, the family of the deceased may even say they forgive the drunkard, but it makes no difference to the changed situation due to the mistake. Adam did not apologise but blamed God, he told God that it was because of the woman that he had given him. The woman did not apologise but blamed the serpent. Even so the damage had been already been done and the consequences had to be faced. In the case of Adam and Eve, what ever it is they did, caused death, and its retinue, to enter creation.

God then killed an animal innocent having done no wrong , the first blood sacrifice for sin, and used the skin to clothe the humans. Just so, the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ covers the sin of all mankind. God did not demand the sacrifice but provided it. He provided the animal as a means to cover the nakedness of sin so that he and man could continue in a relationship, man was now sinful and God was holy and this difference caused a separation between them so that they could no longer communicate and ineteract as before.

In the same way he provided himself as the ultimate blood sacrifice on the cross. If God is Designer of the Universe, the one behind Quantum Mechanics, do you think he could just change the rules without creating major disruption possibly even destroying creation completely? Just so, it is possible that he could not change the situation for Adam and Eve without destroying them in the process. For example, It is known that the alien implants that are found in some humans have ingrown to such an extent that they cannot be removed without killing the human. Furthermore, it is also likely, based on the attitude of Adam and Eve and their lack of remorse for their mistake, that they did not want God to interfere and change things for them.

The humans, now fallen into error, failed to take responsibility for their condition or perhaps even to perceive that they were in error in the first place, maybe they even liked what they now were despite the shame and nakedness they experienced. Humans devolved as their lifespan decreased to under years. Early humans lived very much longer. Personally I believe this is due to genetic interference by the serpent-god, Lucifer, who may well turn out to be one of those non-human aliens out there.

They have proven nothing concrete to date despite the immense amount of time, energy and resources that has been ploughed into their endeavours, and their dating of the age of the earth is mere conjecture, a made up story. This desire to prove the Bible wrong and to prove that there is no Creator God, is only leading to deeper depths of perversion and darkness for humanity.

Since I am unable to live a sinless life that I am wise enough to get with the programme of God and accept his gift of righteousness through Jesus Christ. You obviously know nothing about science except what you are told. But it all works out so perfectly, so that is true too.

By contrast, science is observed. Religion is based on assumptions and personal feelings and gullibility, especially upon suspicion of science and how scientists study their subjects. By misapprehending science you can pull it down to the fairy story level and spit on it, but that really just means you have no interest in leaving behind your delusions. Thanks for the input and the compliment saying that my essays are academic sounding. Show me where I have misapprehended your doctrine. Science is not always observed. The evolution of mankind has not been observed.

One of the biggest delusions foisted on humanity started with one of your great gods, Darwin. Scientists and their followers act just like religious bigots towards things they cannot find a material theory for. Aethiests are no more enlightened than the rest of religious humanity. I was responding to a repeated statement that Bob makes whenever I give an answer to his above essay and so on. If I did come across like that then I want to make it clear that I absolutely and utterly and totally believe in Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.

Jesus is not a religion, he is God, and he is not in competition with science. I said you go to a lot of effort to try to make them sound academic, but they are basically just rambling hallucinations. Every time you compare science to your bullshit fairy story, you do try to bring science down to the incompetence of religious accounts and beliefs. It is as if you understand how made up and invented your religion is and you just want to say that science is random and made up too.

Because there is nothing there. You are making many dumb assumptions about science because you are biased against learning. We know all about your beliefs and what they water down to. A heavy dose of confirmation bias, and a lot of other logical fallacies, especially the one where you assume there is a god. This is what I am saying: You have no true basis for your beliefs other than what you accept as gospel from scientists.

They tell you what to believe. And their theory of God not existing is so stupid because they simply cannot know for sure, yet they will go on to expound it as fact and deceive alot of people like you, just like with the far fetched idea that we come from apes etc. There is no evidence. We are all free to choose what we believe. Science has the same characteristics as a religion, that is my point.

Ah, ya, you right, I have been spelling it wrong all along. Thank you for pointing that out. Science is open to discredit because it makes such huge and unfounded assumptions. You really need to tone it down a little, especially about the science. What kind of unexplainable things happen all the time? I bet they all have explanations. You are describing science as a made up poppycock far fetched story that you find hard to believe — and you compare it to religion.

See, you admit you are bringing science down to a level where your silly fairy tale can compete. Are you listening to yourself? You are far removed from recognizing reality. Why do you think you can convince anyone that. Eventually, they learned more and more about their environment and eventually discovered where they actually came from was fucking apes, and you are just a credulous idiot ape.

And we have mountains of evidence. You are indoctrinated through your belief in the dogmas of the scientific education you have been exposed to which you accept without question. I am created in the image of God who is spirit and my permanent body is formless and cannot as yet be measured by the limited scope of science, as yet. I hope it will some day soon. You are believing a lie. Religion makes you say the stupidest assumptions about science and you sound like a true dope. You know why? How much money have you given them so far? There is plenty of evidence that we came from apes.

Why do you keep saying there is none? Where did you read about that? Question the people who tell you what to believe and what their motives might be. Evolution is built on much, much more than that. But why am I troubling you with this information? On the topic of evidence, you have evidence for your God hypothesis? I do care. Evolution scientists are the ones whipping up a so-called pseudo-science which suits them not me. God will not hold it against you for feeling the way you do but what he cannotaccept is your denial of Jesus Christ since this …. Nothing happens when you die. You are weak.

And you are a fool. Hi Clay, thank you for your response. In fact, archeology appears to have substantiated the Biblical history to a great extent. I would think that there is enough evidence out there, should you wish to make a sincere investigation into the reality of the Bible. My belief in Jesus Christ has nothing to do with religion. Christianity is a label. There are vast catalogues of testimony of people who have experienced the transformation in Christ Jesus. What more do you want? You have no proof that God does not exist, you do not know what happens to your soul when you die, you have no hard evidence for your beliefs, do you?

And whatever you write is also just your opinion, one I am very interested in, even though I know very well that nothing except the power of the Holy Spirit can change your mind and heart. I should tell at the start that I take mythology literally which means that those incredible stories about gods and half-man, half-animal or half-reptile etc I consider to be mainly true. Those stories are there because this is what humanity experienced at that time, and for no other reason.

The Bible speaks of the Nephilim too, the fallen angels of God. The interbreeding of these fallen angels and humans is what constitutes the reason for the corruption of the perfection of humanity. The fall into sin. So if you are an aethiest then does this mean that you see no difference between good and evil? What do you base your morality on?

Does everything and anything go? Or do you have an internal compass you follow? Do you have a conscience? Does anything you think and do matter? The mere fact that the vast majority of humanity throughout the ages have believed in a higher power and continues to do so should tell you something. Takes an open mind to consider that there may be some truth in what alot of other people are saying about the spriitual reality of life on earth. We call things myths and legends simply because they do not fit into our current worldview. Death and dead bodies and its inevitability appears to be a central focus for us.

If it is true as you say that we disappear when we die, what is there to fear? Absolutely nothing. Makes life and death very easy, cut and dried. It may even give us a sense of freedom to do as we please without considering the effects to the causes we create — consequences. What a relief! Evil and sinfulness has no meaning, neither does love. There was a time I wished and wanted this to be so, I even disliked God for creating us in the first place because we are such a bunch of miserable losers. I have never been afraid to die, and in my darker moments, wished for that complete state of oblivion, non-existence that you speak about.

Is this what you believe? I have my own personal experience, as untold and told others have, and there is also a vast body of scientific work available to you, which has informed us that we are absolutely not our bodies. That our bodies are merely vehicles while we walk on earth. To choose to dismiss this available evidence is not clever.

Perhaps you say to yourself, well, why have I not experienced this for myself. Maybe I am not chosen for heaven. I must be one of those who are depicted as going to hell because I have had no sign given to me.

I must be bad because Jesus has not revealed himself to me. Something rises up, my inability to accept this situation, so I then decide and pronounce for myself that there is no Jesus and there is no heaven and hell, and I set myself free from the fear of life and death in this way. Obviously one that may be working for you, but you are deceived. The vast majority of humans fear death, and even life itself.

Many of them have been set free from fear through Christ Jesus. There seems to be this inclination in humanity to want to live forever. This desire is there because it is part of our human DNA, to be eternal. Thank you for calling me weak and a fool, for I am so, for Christ Jesus, who is the love of my life. I have never disagreed with a single word any of them have said. The best way for me to communicate to you all the problems with religion is to ask you to at least start with Sam Harris. He addresses point by point each of the things you mention. Hi Clay, I am going to do as you ask and watch what Sam Harris has to say.

In the meantime, can I ask you to respond to the following please:. You can search for it of go here for one post. Morality is the desire to do good, and help your own kind. Humans have a very evolved empathy and we all understand the golden rule. Sam Harris points this out. No supernatural being needed. All evidence shows that consciousness and all of thought happens in brain cells only. There is no need to suppose the existence of a god to further our understanding of minds.

All agnostics or atheists would be fools to not admit that Pantheism is just as likely to be true as not. What makes obvious moral sense on earth might seem very strange on Vulcan or Romulus. Different environmental forces would create different moral programming. What is pantheism? I think most lifeforms that evolve to reach intelligence have a concept of cooperation, and knowing what is best for the survival of the species.

I think religion would evolve in all intelligent life also, as a way to explain things, and ultimately as science develops, contradictions arise, so the religion v. Romulans as I understand them, poorly are pretty savage. Their morality would be quite foreign to us. That seems plausible to me. Your point, presumably, is that this is just Hollywood and that cooperation would be essential to intelligent life forms. Sure, maybe, but who can say for sure?

Even though we only know of life on this planet there are solid and reasonable extrapolations that can be made, IMO, regarding other life in the universe. And that extends to morality I believe. Just like math would be known, the number PI would be known. Certain truths are going to be universal about how brains work. Even brains, themselves, will all have similar structure. Networks of communicating cells driving motor cells of some kind for motion.

I agree: intelligent beings have morality as a category of thought. I agree with you that, from our very limited viewpoint, cooperation seems to be a key point to civilization. Human sacrifice originates from the antediluvian period when humanity was under the tyrannical rule of the fallen demonic angels and their offspring who ate humans and fed off their blood life force.

Even today Lucifer requires the blood of humans in order to manifest himself physically to his followers. I agree that God is the Quantum Mechanics and we are all a part of him, everything is, but he is also a separate and supreme entity at the same time. God is without cause and effect which is a law that applies only to our dimension just like time.

Uh … the point here is that Yahweh demands a blood sacrifice. So does that make demanding a blood sacrifice a good thing or a bad thing? The blood sacrifice of animals as shown to us by God was a method used by the priests of that time to prepare themselves to enter into the presence of God since only the sprinkling of blood cleansed or covered the sin, otherwise they would have been destroyed by his holiness. The most important teaching to take from the old testament sacrifice system is that of the foreshadowing of the event of Jesus Christ on the cross, God the ultimate sacrifice.

And the way human beings managed to pervert this method also upset him. I do not delight in the blood of bulls, or of lambs or goats. I am also certain that if there was another better way he would have taken it. I suppose I do. The most important answers may never arrive through science although I keep hoping that it will bring something better than it has until now, especially since the advent of quantum physics which is taking scientists more and more into the esoteric realms.

Unfortunately we inherited the sin genetically and sprititually which means we are born that way and then we go on also to commit our own brand of errors. Sounds good, I would love to see you in heaven! Now begins???? What do you have to say about it, Bob? Did you respond point by point to my argument in the post? Your theology is off topic. If good is based on the instinct for survival then it must also justify any act required in defence or progress of such organism even if it creates injustice towards other organisms, species, tribes, religions.

So it is innately self pre-occupied? Evidence does not show that consciousness and thought originates in the brain. Consciousness and thought continues to exist when separated from the body. The human being remains intact as an individual entity and retains their unique identity once separated from the body. There is more than enough evidence for this. God is a paradox. God is the matrix field of the universe, therefore to be found in nature and everything else, and at the same time God YHWH manifests as a individual entity who is capable of having a personal relationship with every single living being.

I believe that mythology contains vast amounts of truth. Closer to the time of our creation the so-called supernatural obviously was a norm allowing for the incredible stories we read about. Uranus sky god had sex with Gaia human female and the Titans were born. A terrible spawn and the ensuing saga of humanity eventually wiped out by the flood.

These stories are there only because that is what humanity experienced. It is part of our history. Lea, what is the evidence that consciousness exists outside of the brain? I will accept any repeatable experiment, which is the foundation of science. Do you believe in ghosts just because there are so many ghost stories that they must therefore all be based in truth? Clay, I will respond as soon as I find the time. I am not ignoring you or Bob. How many times does a man have to die and return to life before you will believe you are not your body?

There are earthbound spirits and demons running around all around you. Lea, your arguments are all circular anyhow. You use the Bible itself as a justification for why you believe in the Bible. The foundation of my faith is in only one, a holy, divine person called Jesus Christ. The Bible is his book and is useful, perhaps even vital, while alive on earth. I challenge you to read it and experience the living words of God but if you do it may just save you should you be one of those unfortunate souls that land up in hell when they die.

That is when reality will hit you really hard. The average atheist understand Christianity better than the average Christian. But why the Bible? Or the Tao Te Ching? Or maybe recommend that we study all religions before we settle down with one? You pretend that the choices are just Christianity by that, I mean your version of Christianity and atheism. You reckon?

I have taken notice that you in particular do know some of the scriptures as you have quoted them although you cannot claim to really understand it, could you, based on the erroneous claims you make in the original argument regarding the title of this page. The one truth turns out to be exquisitely simple and deeply profound. Jesus Christ is the difference. There is more and I am going to give it to you but I have to get some sleep too. I do recommend that all religions be studied, it was only when I looked deeper into these things that I understood more about who Jesus is and what makes him so different.

And really, Bob, stay away from legalistic religion. Dogma is rooted in the demonic and enslvaes. I think I answered this elswhere. Let it be a relationship between you and your invisible friend. The choice is only between Jesus and Lucifer, in other words, Life or death hell? Respond to the points I made. And then we can move on to other stuff. Lea if you can explain why you chose your religion over all the other religions then that would prove that you are not brainwashed. BTW Lea, sorry for the personal insults. Are you using a PC? If you compose your reply and then paste it into Notepad, then copy and paste that into Disqus, things look better.

Has it proven any miracles? Where are the 2 million bodies in the Sinai? Have you made a sincere investigation into the reality of any other religious book? Or did you stick to the one that was popular in your part of the world? True about sinfulness, but you need to check the dictionary about the other two.

Again, nothing supernatural. Hi Bob, thank you for the input about the line breaks etc. I am brand new to blogging, this is my first landing. I am going to try and give you some good examples to consider, even though it is highly likely that you will reject them, but I hope that it will give food for thought. Near death and out of body experiences are a pretty good indication of what occurs after death, I think. I do believe the Bible. I take it literally. I found this link:. This commenting system Disqus has some quirks, and that line break thing is one of them.

That one must be blamed on Disqus. Why are the natural explanations for NDEs insufficient? I realize that science has yet more to learn, but what evidence is there to suppose that there really is something supernatural going on? Bob, tell me honestly, did you read all the information provided on that link? These are full blown aethiests like yourself who are providing these stories. Frankly, the natural explanations seem to be a little desperate to me and they are only suppositions too.

These people who experienced NDE and OBE did not believe in God and believed that when they died they would no longer exist, but found a very different outcome. The Bible tells us that there is more unseen than what can be seen. You could wait until science verifies the phenomenon or you could in the meantime be open to the knowledge that there is a Supreme Being, the one we call YHWH, even if you find you cannot accept Jesus. There are chances to choose God, even after death but you might save yourself from some really horrible experiences because hell is indeed real, by simply recognising that there is this possibility that Jesus is real and of course, be the love that you are while you live.

You cannot blame the Holy Spirit for not contacting you when you have the door firmly closed, locked and bolted, to his entrance. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit works to reveal Jesus Christ to you, so you are the one who has chosen to take the attitude that you have towards Jesus despite the knowledge that you have. You cannot put the blame anywhere else.

Knock and the door will be opened. Science today gives us every reason to reject the supernatural. Why your guy instead of a hundred others? Just because you like him? You cannot blame the Holy Spirit for not contacting you when you have the door firmly closed, locked and bolted. Lea, you are just quoting things you have heard other Christians say. Each religion has its own unique set of such platitudes, and they are all meaningless to someone who is not sufficiently brainwashed to buy into them.

There is a reason people raised atheist stay atheist, and people raised with religion cling to it for dear life. It has to do with not being able to admit you are wrong, and also being flat out brainwashed. An aethist is as brainwashed as any other, perhaps even more so because must take a exceptionally rigid mind to consistently deny the spiritual, that which cannot be measured or evidenced, the supernatural.

It takes the most incredible gullibility to believe that our ancestors are apes and pigs or we evolved from rock and chance over billions and billions of years just because some human scientists said so gods? And it is untrue also that aethiests remain aethiests and those raised in a religion remain in that religion. Admitting you are wrong goes both ways. No, I am only joking. Most Christians today are very open minded and loving, they just look at me as if I am mad and shake their head, but still accept me for who I am.

My dear Kodie, until you can admit that the theory of evolution is a brankrupt and corrupted implausible science fiction shoved down our throats by human beings who wanted to use the idea to destroy God, you will be under a delusion. The second part of this makes zero sense. You are not new. How do you know how it works when hearing the voice of God, have you experienced this? America is a Petri dish of Christianity. Very true, some of us missing the focal point entirely which is Jesus Christ. There is a very strong unbreakable consensus though amongst most, even those who differ on trivialities, going on what you or who?

Unlike the science under discussion here, where the gods of your religion make up a theory and then go on to present false evidence, breaking all the scientific rules of emperical science to make the so-called discoveries fit the false theory, all because they hate God and Christians. Oh well. Lots of people are ungrateful, I suppose. There is alot about science that is absolutely wonderfully amazing, astounding and does advance humanity. I like the science that is without perversion, corruption. Do I have to go and do the research for you?

I am sure you have access to the same avenues that I have to find the information you are demanding.

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Some believe that the story of the dying thief (Luke ) shows how to become a Christian, and in particular, that one does not need to be baptized to be saved. "Buried with Christ by baptism into death dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus" (Romans ,11). Re:tale of the dying thief. Serious Illness or End of Life Decisions Planning Guide to Living Healthcare Hope Dying Symptoms Management Quality of Life.

But just one simple factor to put forth at this point is the idea of the chemical soup and the impossibility of this being able to transform into life as we know by random chance in accordance with established principles of science. Another easy one is the fossil trail which is turned out very dissappointing for the evolutionists. Evolution is like shooting out into space a large scrapyard and expecting a boeing to come out. Or take a frog and put it in a blender then let it stand until a frog jumps out.

There, another shortish post. But I may come back with a vengeance armed with that evidence you want. I understand the research, thank you. Yes, you do have to do the hard work of understanding the issues before you make claims. Saves you from embarrassment. What sites do you use, BTW? You got it all figured out, huh? Golly, you must be smart. But not you. You need to learn at least a little about science, otherwise you look like a buffoon. Here, for example: science never proves anything.

Or, you just relabel your own thinking as having come from God. Any conclusions that I come to are just the result of a fallible person, but you can point to the Big G as the source of your wisdom. How can I compete against that?? Ddi I say science never proves anything? Takes more faith to believe in this possiblity that in a Creator God. I really must apologise also if it comes across like I know it all because I am fully aware that these things we are discussing cannot be proven through emperical science. So I thought we were just sharing points of view.

You would come across a little smarter if you actually debated the issues at hand instead of trying so hard to dis me all the time. Your responses in the entry is what I find inane. I expect more from someone who knows more than me about science.

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Yes, you do indeed sound like a Know It All. There is a scientific consensus and you, a non-scientist, reject it. On what grounds could you possibly do so?! I love debating the issues at hand. This is akin to the same kind of thing that the Roman Catholic church did to humanity not so long ago in its quest for dominance, power and money in the world.

Brainwashing is a method of controlled systematic indoctrination, especially one based on repetition or confusion. You have been brainwashed by your education to dogmatically believe in a lie and you do so without question. To question it would be sacriligeous? The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us; and I for one must be content to remain an Agnostic.

There is no conclusive evidence for the transition from ape to man. On the contrary, there is some evidence that present day man is a somewhat deteriorated descendent of his ancestors. We have devolved. The primitive men were not brute beasts or semi-apish savages, as we are made to believe by evolutionists, and the probabilities are that the early man was no different than the present day man.

In fact, since the Cro-Magnon man the human brain seems to be decreasing in size. According to the scientists themselves, the Cro-Magnon men were known to have been far superior to modern men both physically and mentally in terms of brain capacity. You have been deluded.

I place my alliegance with that which brings blessing and love to humanity. You trust and believe in something that it simply not true science but a religion, and you have made Darwin your god, bringing greater darkness. To maintain that it is the way of science to replace old facts with new facts is simply not a sane or sober foundation because it reduces science to the ridiculous, to the fantasy, which it is by definition not supposed to be. To throw out the old ideas as the new arrive, is to throw out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak.

Note from the Good Thief

It means we can never trust a so-called fact to be truth. Whatever will fit to make that true. You will follow whatever they tell you to believe and distrust anyone trying to teach you science. Science is figuring out how the world actually works. You are basically against progress. Just wash your clothes on a rock and collect berries for dinner — you have no idea what science is and why our knowledge tends to change.

You answered a 5 month old post to evangelize your beliefs, having no idea that the whole internet has been here for years before you and already heard what you came to tell us that you think is brand new. At all. And making tons of logical fallacies. The worst one you keep making is that science sounds too crazy to you that you favor your own delusion of a ghost who lives inside you, and epic battles between angels and demons, and a portal to an afterlife.

Stay dumb, Lea. Kodie, extremely well said. I loved that rant! A true and justified one! What a complete imbecile. Back woods. Ancient Appalachian moonshine-drinking crazy. Such an amazing level of arrogance, mixed with stupidity, lack of education, and the aforementioned debatable quality of brainwashed.

Still, it would be good to have confirmation.

10 Reasons the Crucifixion Story Makes No Sense | Bob Seidensticker

And how do you know this? Ooh—let me guess: you read it on Answers in Genesis. Or at the Creation Research Institute. Science gave us the world we live in today. Today, not so much. Thank you, science. Or should I say: Thank you Lucifer? No one cares what Darwin said. What Darwin said is in the domain of History of Science. I am devoting as much time as I can to respond to you, wish I could do more. For confirmation I chose to look mainly at atheist scientists who were honest and brave enough to acknowledge the error of their ways of adherence to the man-made religion of evolution and why.

Elsewhere I found that the evolutionists themselves presented the evidence that they are confounded. Lucifer is incapable of good. What sort of atheist are you, knocking Darwin like that? How could you, man? Shame on you! Devolution, dying humanity. Wow—how do you do that? All that matters is what the consensus on evolution is within biology.

What do you suppose it is? And neither do biologists. The point about Cro-Magnon man is that evidence shows that the human brain nothing to do with the whale, since we want to compare oranges with oranges, not oranges with apples has decreased in size as time went on. Show me that the consensus about evolution has changed due to this information. If not, why are you wasting my time with it? Brainwashing is when you DO accept ideas without proof. The process of science is all about discarding old ideas that have been proven wrong, and admitting knowledge can increase as mankind learns more and more.

Science is about evidence and is based on facts. You fail at all of this. You are fucking stupid. There is no way of getting out of this accusation; it is as close to an absolute, proven fact, that an honest assessment of the situation can get. Ignorance is merely the lack of knowledge. I cannot blame someone for merely not knowing some random piece of shit, or not being exposed to information.

No, this is something fucking different, far fucking worse. What you stand not only accused of, but proven guilty of, shits and pisses all over the innocence of simple ignorance and goes into the dark territory of deceit and fucking lies. This is wilful ignorance. This is prideful ignorance. Do I want to blame you for it? When your elders, and priests, and preachers, and the unqualified crank pseudo-scientific quasi-philosophers they get to back them up, have all conspired to brainwash you into thinking this is a good thing?

Yes, I fucking do. You have made a choice to stay ignorant, and be happy with it. Why do I bother with you? Just why? Why do I drag myself down to that sort of level? I have a fucking masters degree. I took four years out of my life learning quantum mechanics; management; nuclear physics; organic, inorganic, analytical, green, environmental, atmospheric chemistry; mathematics; and a fuck-ton of life skills and problem solving skills possessed by a tiny fraction of people.

I can write, I can draw, I can play and compose music, and I can program a computer to do a little fucking jig. I can do most of that without getting my cock trapped in a blender, too.

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I wrote a whopping four-hundred-fucking-page book to get a doctorate. To get that far, I was locked in a room with two experts who read it and who spent nearly three hours ripping it to shreds and finding any excuse they could not to give the final award to me. I fucking starved.

I stayed up late and got up early. All to get that. Some days I hate those little shits, but to be fair to them, one day a good chunk of them will also be locked in that room with a pair of experts, shitting themselves and wanting to all go away. They will come out of it alive, as One Of Us, and they will fucking well deserve every bit of it. I am a cog in that academic and scientific machine, and damn well proud of it. By every conceivable metric, I am at the top of the grey matter tree. There are no transitional forms.

Got that one? Need it dumbed down further? Fuck off. You would ignore it anyway. Every single word in this extensive rant has been compressed in my head into a single thought; a thought that fires in my brain every time I see you slack-jawed fuck-tards speak, or type, or even making a motion to open your mouths or put fingers to a keyboard. You repeat mantras that have been refuted countless times. Were you there? Really, it proves nothing. I means nothing.

Even if you ever get around to addressing any of the countless refutations to this simplistic fucking bullshit, all you can ever come up with is restating the point again, or whining about some other pathetic and irrelevant detail, or — and with fucking depressing regularity — spouting some bullshit about how people like me are suppressing your freedom. You know what? Go fucking jump off a bridge, and test your freedom to not believe in gravity. Literally, go do that now. You want to know why?

So where does that place you in that pecking order? I mean, seriously, you intentionally avoid learning. You avoid understanding. You actively train yourself to not understand and you fucking revel in all this. Even worse, you seem to think this actually qualifies you more. So, when you take a magnet, and hold it to an indiscriminate heap of metal filings, it will gather out all the iron, and leave behind all the rest.

In some hearts there will be no yielding to the attraction. Some will remain rooted, obstinate, steadfast in their place; and to some the lightest word will be mighty enough to stir all the slumbering pulses of their sin-ridden hearts, and to bring them, broken and penitent, for mercy to His feet. To the one He is 'a savour of life unto life, and to the other a savour of death unto death. He came to judge the world, 'that they which see not' as He Himself said 'might see, and they which see might be made blind,' And on the Cross that process went on in two men, alike in necessity, alike in criminality, alike in this, that Death's icy finger was just being laid upon their heart, to stop all the flow of its wild blood and passion, but different in this, that the one of them turned himself, by God's grace, and laid hold on the Gospel that was offered to him, and the other turned himself away, and derided, and died.

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And now, there is another consideration. If we look at this man, this penitent thief, and contrast him, his previous history, and his present feelings, with the people that stood around, and rejected and scoffed, we get some light as to the sort of thing that unfits men for perceiving and accepting the Gospel when it is offered to them. Remember the other classes of persons who were there. There were Roman soldiers, with very partial knowledge of what they were doing, and whose only feeling was that of entire indifference; and there were Jewish Rabbis, Pharisees, Priests, and people, who knew a little more of what they were doing, and whose feeling was derision and scorn.

Now, if we mark the ordinary scriptural representation, especially as to the last class, we cannot help seeing that there comes out this principle: -- The thing of all others that unfits men for the reception of Christ as a Saviour, and for the simple reliance on His atoning blood and divine mercy, is not gross, long profligacy, and outward, vehement transgression; but it is self-complacency, clean, fatal self-righteousness and self-sufficiency. Why was it that Scribes and Pharisees turned away from Him?

For three reasons. Because of their pride of wisdom. We are the Priests and the Scribes; and the people that know not the law, they may accept a thing that only appeals to the common human heart, but for us, in our intellectual superiority, living remote from the common wants of the lower class, not needing a rough outward Gospel of that sort, we can do without such a thing, and we reject it. Religion had become to them a mere set of traditional dogmas, to think accurately or to reason clearly about which was all that was needful.

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So replying to my point that the parable of the sheep and goats show that you get into heaven by works is difficult, so instead of admitting the problem you just ignore it? It was as though he believed it his destiny to die as one unjustly condemned. The way to glory for Him, the power by which He wields the kingdom of the world, is precisely through the suffering. And we, indeed justly, for we are receiving the due reward for our deeds; but this man has done nothing wrong. It takes the most incredible gullibility to believe that our ancestors are apes and pigs or we evolved from rock and chance over billions and billions of years just because some human scientists said so gods? For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.

Worship having become ceremonial, and morality having become casuistry, and religion having become theology, the men were as hard as a nether millstone, and there was nothing to be done with them until these three crusts were peeled off the heart, and, close and burning, the naked heart and the naked truth of God came into contact.

Brethren, change the name, and the story is true about us. God forbid that I should deny that every form of gross, sensual immorality, 'hardens all within' as one poor victim of it said , 'and petrifies the feeling. Do not misapprehend me so. Still it is not sin in its outward forms that makes the worst impediment between a man and the Cross, but it is sin plus self-righteousness which makes the insurmountable obstacle to all faith and repentance.

And oh! All sin separates from God, but the thing that makes the separation permanent is not the sin, but the ignorance of the sin. Self-righteousness, aye, and pride of wisdom, they -- they have perverted many a nature, many a young man's glowing spirit, and have turned him away from the Gospel. If there be a man here who is looking at the simple message of peace and pardon and purity through Christ, and is saying to himself, Yes; it may fit the common class of minds that require outward signs and symbols, and must pin their faith to forms; but for me with my culture, for me with my spiritual tendencies, for me with my new lights, I do not want any objective redemption; I do not want anything to convince me of a divine love, and I do not need any crucified Saviour to preach to me that God is merciful!

And if there be a man here who is living a life of surface blamelessness, it has as solemn a lesson for him. Look at the Scribe, and look at the Pharisee -- religious men in their way, wise men in their way, decent and respectable men in their way; and look at that poor thief that had been caught in the wilderness amongst the caves and dens, and had been brought red-handed with blood upon his sword, and guilt in his heart, and nailed up there in the short and summary process of a Roman jurisprudence; -- and think that Scribe, and Pharisee, and Priest, saw nothing in Christ; and that the poor profligate wretch saw this in Him, -- innocence that showed heavenly against his diabolical blackness; and his heart stirred, and he laid hold of Him in the stress of his mighty agony -- as a drowning man catches at anything that protrudes from the bank; and he held and shook it, and the thing was fast, and he was safe!

Not transgression shuts a man out from mercy. Transgression, which belongs to us all, makes us subjects for the mercy; but it is pride, self-righteousness, trust in ourselves, which 'bars the gates of mercy on mankind'; and the men that are condemned are condemned not only because they have transgressed the commandments of God, but ' this is the condemnation, that light came into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

One does not exactly know by what steps or through what process this poor dying thief passed, which issued in faith -- whether it was an impression from Christ's presence, whether it was that he had ever heard anything about Him before, or whether it was only that the wisdom which dwells with death was beginning to clear his eyes as life ebbed away. But however he came to the conviction, mark what it was that he believed and expressed, -- I am a sinful man; all punishment that comes down upon me is richly deserved: This man is pure and righteous; 'Lord, remember me when Thou comest into Thy kingdom!

That is the thing that saves a man. How much he did know -- whether he knew all the depth of what he was saying, when he said 'Lord! There was, ' I am nothing -- Thou art everything: I bring myself and my emptiness unto Thy great fullness: fill it and make me blessed! Faith has in it repentance -- repentance has in it faith too. Faith has in it the recognition of the certainty and the justice of a judgment that is coming down crashing upon every human head; and then from the midst of these fears, and sorrows, and the tempest of that great darkness, there rises up in the night of terrors, the shining of one perhaps pale, quivering, distant, but divinely given hope, 'My Saviour!

My Saviour! He is righteous: He has died -- He lives! I will stay no longer; I will cast myself upon Him! We have here the Cross as pointing to and foretelling the Kingdom. Pointing out, and foretelling: that is to say, of course, and only, if we accept the scriptural statement of what these sufferings were, the Person that endured them, and the meaning of their being endured.

But the only thing I would dwell upon here, is, that when we think of Christ as dying for us, we are never to separate it from that other solemn and future coming of which this poor robber catches a glimpse. They crowned Him with thorns, and they gave Him a reed for His sceptre. That mockery, so natural to the strong practical Romans in dealing with one whom they thought a harmless enthusiast, was a symbol which they who did it little dreamed of. The crown of thorns proclaims a sovereignty founded on sufferings. The sceptre of feeble reed speaks of power wielded in gentleness.

The Cross leads to the crown. The brow that was pierced by the sharp acanthus wreath, therefore wears the diadem of the universe. The hand that passively held the mockery of the worthless, pithless reed, therefore rules the princes of the earth with the rod of iron.

He who was lifted up to the Cross, was, by that very act, lifted up to be a Ruler and Commander to the peoples.